Teen & Young Adult


VIva Gold

Such a cute little story with all the feels. Suki Fleet never disappoints. I love her books and this story has just enough of everything to satisfy. A touch of angst, a pinch of sexiness, and a lot of courage - Kim is a great character, and I look forward to reading the full length version later in the month.

Anyta Sunday

Tangible emotion, inherent kindness, sweet hope, and touching humor all wrapped up in refreshing diversity. Brought me right back to the pangs of adolescence. Wonderful read.

Stella Shaw

I love Suki Fleet’s obvious delight with language and the skilful expression of deeply felt emotions. The characters face tricky obstacles in life and love, and as a reader I’m always invested in a hopeful and happy ending for them. This was a short story but packed full of characterisation, wit, love, and longing. I can’t wait for more of their story in the forthcoming novel!

H.L Day

Suki Fleet has a knack for writing characters that immediately suck you in, and that you find yourself rooting for. This story is no exception.

Barbara Elsborg

A sweet story from the master of young angst! The cover is just perfect too.

Sophia Soames

Suki Fleet writes in a way that you feel every word on your skin, every kiss is etched on your skin, and the hurt and comfort tears you apart, page after page. To write like they do, is a talent and skill that few people can pull off with such flawless ease. A beautiful short to showcase the upcoming full length novel.

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