Rhys Everly

The queen of slow burn is back! What a cute and adorable story. There was nothing I didn't love about this book. The meet-cute, the build-up, the pretending. It's was so freaking good!

Crystal Lacy

Anyta's books always have me giggling to myself and/or clutching my chest at the sweet, sweet, slow burn of it all. An insta-buy author!

Rachel Ember

This author always delights me with clever characters and delicious sexual tension.

Kaje Harper

Anyta Sunday's "Signs of Love" books are a favorite go-to comfort read, sweet and warm and funny. This short story stands alone just fine, with two clueless best friends discovering that their longterm easy companionship might just include something more. A cozy story to cuddle up with on a cold night.

Isla Olsen

I love this series so much, I can’t wait to read this new story!

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Signs of Love: Spring

Life loves to spring starry surprises.

Writing flowery love horoscopes is not something Flynn Reilly ever saw himself doing. But when he’s hired to package them up with extravagant bouquets and deliver them to his slick, always smiling Sagittarian frenemy . . . well, a struggling florist must do what a struggling florist must do.
Luckily for this Leo, where every rose has its thorn, every thorn has its rose. These horoscopes aren’t technically from him. So . . . who says he can’t let out a little snarky subtext?
Only now, his Sagittarian frenemy has him making up flowery love horoscopes in response . . .
He hasn’t spent this much time around those soft, sexy smiles since . . . they were best friends.
Keep it professional.
But . . . could this sow the seeds of something special?