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VIva Gold

Barney is the most adorable character. I love his big heart and generous spirit - so in keeping with this time of year. This story was so original and very engaging. The right amount of angst mixed with snark, sexiness and lots of laughter, was perfect. Raf and Barney are just brilliant...

Sophia Soames

Barbara writes real human life, and people you immediately fall in love with. Barney was no exception, and this gorgeous story was a true joy to read. Raf and Barney were full of life and laughter, despite their traumatic first meeting, and the impromptu new years eve date that followed. I won't give away any spoilers to this book's brilliant twist, but can only highly recommend you get yourself sat down to read this, right now.

Suki Fleet

A gorgeous, sweet story that will tug your heart strings <3

H.L Day

Where Forever Started has Barbara Elsborg's characteristic mix of banter, wit and humour. A very enjoyable story.

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Prequel to Jonty and Devan's Big Day

Devan asked. Jonty said yes. This is what happens immediately afterwards. To be followed by Jonty and Devan's Big Day - release date 20th May 2022 -