Rachel Ember

A. M. Rose blends magic with the everyday world in a delightful way. Everything that you love about small town romance can be found in the community of Daydream, Colorado, a magical city tucked into the world as we know it. The quirky characters you meet here will win your heart and make you cheer for their happy ending!

Stella Rainbow

Mischief was adorable, fun, and fluffy as all get out. Buck the mastiff's matchmaking skills were on par, and Dylan and Jamie were the cutest pair ever. I loved the magical town of Daydream, and reading Mischief has made me want to go check out the other books set in this town.

B. Harmony

Larger than life dogs, moan-worthy pizza, and adorable first dates: if this doesn’t scream MAGIC to you, I don’t know what will. A.M. Rose spins a wonderfully adorable story, with a touch of humor and heat. This one is sure to give you all the feel-good vibes and more.

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Hypothetically speaking, if someone owned a dog, and that dog broke into someone else’s apartment, licked their toes, ate their pizza, and then fell asleep on their couch, that dog should be punished, right?
But what if that someone else was the most beautiful man in the world? And the dog’s owner was a really nice guy looking for love and that someone else was exactly his type?
The dog should get all the pizza he wants until the end of times. No take backs.




There are a few corners of the world where magic lives and thrives. Little nooks straight out of fairytales, full to the brim with wonders and oddities.
Daydream, Colorado is one of those places.

Never heard of it? It’s not surprising.
The residents like to keep their town and their magic secret and safe from non-magic folk and they had managed just fine for years.
But now Sage had blown through his third stand mixer in a month because the wiring can’t exactly be magic-ed to work properly and the threat of breakfast without bagels or pastries is just too much for the town to handle. It’s too much, okay?
So, for the first time in the history of Daydream, Colorado, a non-magical handyman will come stay with them for a few days until Sage’s wiring is all fixed.