E.J. Russell

Daydream is a sweet, adorable story--like a holiday cookie frosted with magic (which is totally appropriate for a story about a baker who uses, er, non-traditional methods to conjure up tasty treats and the handyman who rewires his expectations). A low-angst, no-stress holiday confection.

AJ Sherwood

This story sounds perfectly adorable and right up my alley and I want to read it NOW.

Morgan Brice

I fell in love with the town of Daydream and with Ben and Sage! A charming town that’s more than it appears, two likable main characters, and a special kind of magic all make a fun, feel-good read! I’m hooked!

Louisa Masters

I cannot think of a more appropriate title for this book. Looking for a delightful escape to a place where magic is a way of life--and sometimes mischievous? A place where everyone knows everyone else, dreams come true, and happiness is the purpose of life, not just a side effect? You'll love the humor, romance, and camaraderie of this lovely story. I can't wait to go back to Daydream!

Briar Prescott

A. M. Rose is a new author duo to keep an eye on. This novella is the perfect treat for the holidays with its magical setting, sweet characters and humor. I didn't want to leave Daydream.

Stella Shaw

A charming and witty story, magical guys in a magical world. Sage’s uninhibited, lively nature fits right in, and it was a treat to follow his blossoming romance with handyman Ben – despite obstacles thrown in the way by his rebellious household appliances! Amusing times abound, as the townsfolk try so desperately to keep magic things under wraps. A fun read!

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There are a few corners of the world where magic lives and thrives. Little nooks straight out of fairytales, full to the brim with wonders and oddities.
Daydream, Colorado is one of those places.

Never heard of it? It’s not surprising.
The residents like to keep their town and their magic secret and safe from non-magic folk and they had managed just fine for years.
But now Sage had blown through his third stand mixer in a month because the wiring can’t exactly be magic-ed to work properly and the threat of breakfast without bagels or pastries is just too much for the town to handle. It’s too much, okay?
So, for the first time in the history of Daydream, Colorado, a non-magical handyman will come stay with them for a few days until Sage’s wiring is all fixed.