Do you like gay fiction? If you want to escape into a book and leave the real world behind, I’ve got you covered. I’ll give you stellar character development and intense plots to immerse yourself in, and know you’re heading toward a happily ever after, every time.

Hi, I’m Devon Vesper, and I write unashamed escapist fiction that centers around hot, hunky gay men, and maybe a nerd or three. The novels I write allow you to sink into worlds where being gay is not only accepted, but is a social norm. Here, the focus of the story isn’t about the angst and social perils that the real world offers the LGBT community, but the fantasy and romantic elements that you crave. In these worlds, you’ll see gay men facing down evils, corruption, and internal struggles as they try to get to their happily ever after. And there is always a happily ever after, guaranteed.

Since my early years, I’ve voraciously read the M/M romance genre and quickly fell in love with the gay community. It always made me feel safe and welcome. However, while reading, I noticed that there is a distinct lack in escapist fiction with gay characters. Almost every book I read had a coming out story and trauma linked to that story. Each book I read contained some form of hate against the gay community that the characters had to navigate around to reach their HEA. Now, I won’t ever discount the struggles of the LGBT community. Prejudice and hate are a real and terrifying problem for most in this beautiful community. But, I want to give people a safe place, one where the outside world can’t touch you, one where you can sink into the fantastic worlds and beings and forget about the hate for a while.

That’s my promise to you: I will give you awesome books about gay men in fantasy or paranormal settings, without focusing on the fact the men are gay or on social stigmas surrounding the gay community, but on the story and the romance. Leave reality behind and let me show you a new world.




Victoria Sue

For fantasy lovers, everything Devon writes is a must buy - but I adored Desolace and Amrisus. A perfect start to a new series that will be at the top of my "to read" pile in 2021.

Elizabeth Silver

I love the beautiful world building and the perfect little moments of humor! I seriously can't wait for more stories in this world!!

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Fated- A God Jars Prequel

He dreams of a future his destiny will never allow. Choosing between them is unthinkable, but he must choose, or lose everything.

Tortured by bullies and his own anxiety, Kerac dreams of having a son. He also feels the pull of his patron god to join the holy Order. But Aesriphos can only marry within the same gender and never have children of their own.

Then he meets Darolen, a craggy warrior with a kind, patient heart. Darolen’s gentleness soothes Kerac’s panic attacks as he becomes Kerac’s champion. But when he asks to court Kerac, saying yes will mean the end to his dreams of a son.

Darolen is sure they can have it all: each other, the Order, and their son. But old fears prove hard to shake. Can Kerac trust in Darolen’s love and his god’s promises, or will he ignore his destiny?


Soulbond: The Omega's Assassin

A missing omega. An alpha on the hunt. A soulbond waiting to happen.


My king’s omega nephew has gone missing, and I’m tasked with tracking him between worlds.

I find Amrisus struggling through the snow with a strange curse ravaging his mind. But when his heat rises, I have a new duty as an alpha: help the omega through his heat, praying the magic leaves him alone long enough for a knot or three.


Every time I fight the puppet curse driving me, agony eats away at my ability to keep it at bay. But between the excruciating pain and lapses into magic’s clutches, Desolace’s sweet and tender care with my heat makes the experience magical.

The curse grows more powerful with every heartbeat. And if I can’t rid myself of this curse, it might just kill me.


Magic Kisses

Camden’s life is falling apart, and it’s going to take some serious magic to fix things.

When some people have a run of bad luck, it means a flat tire and spilled coffee. For Camden, it’s exploding microwaves and computers and the only father figure he knows getting a terminal diagnosis. About to be jobless—and homeless, if these fires don’t stop—Camden is at the end of his rope.

But when a stranger mysteriously gifts him with a kitten, things start turning around for him. Is it the power of positive thinking, or is there something greater at work, fixing things Camden’s always worried were broken beyond repair?

Ever wonder what Camden’s life was like before elves and magic and mayhem took over? Find out now in this captivating short story, set before the events in King’s Heart!