Contemporary Romance Author. #Bad Boy #Steamy #Alpha male. I love this genre. And ready with my second book....


Women's Fiction


Posey Parks

He's the protector who keeps the woman he loves safe. He won't take mess from anyone. You will feel his wrath.

Angel Heart Publishing

I'll be your Amara!

Stasia Black

This book looks so delicious - can't wait to devour it!

J.C. Lourdes

A man in love is a dangerous one.

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The New Billionaire Boss and His Secretary: A Billionaire and A Virgin Romance

I know that falling for my new boss was a bad idea.
But when he got there, with his long brown hair and green eyes, I knew I wanted him.
I knew from the way that he gazed upon me that he was a bad boy.
But this bad boy was now my boss.
I wanted to show him up, and I wanted to prove to him that I could handle this on my own.
But upon doing so, I began to experience a new emotion, one I thought I dropped ages ago.
I felt only desire.

I planned to take over the company and make it better.
She’s my secretary.
I’m her boss.
My job is to tell her what to do.
Not anything else.
But here I was staring at her beautiful curves.
The way her body just completely mesmerized me.
And I knew at this point there was something bubbling up within me...



I Am Bad : A Bad Boy Next Door Romance

No one touches or harasses my Amara. She’s mine and if you can’t understand that then let me demonstrate to your face how it feels every time you touch her.
Everyone knows not to mess with me.
And you don’t mess with what’s mine.
I’m dangerous.
I’m mean.
I’m everyone’s worst nightmare.
But when it comes to Amara, I’m none of those things.
To Amara,
I’m her guardian.
Her protector.
I’m hers.