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Nikky Kaye believes that life is too short not to giggle while you're reading--or writing. She is careful not to feed her young twin boys after midnight, and hides a terrible Diet Coke addiction from her husband. She has worked with movie stars and the United Nations, but thinks creating sexy stories that make people sigh is almost better than world peace.


Humor & Entertainment
Women's Fiction


Lilliana Lord

Talk about your hot sports romance, this one is it! It has it all, action, mystery, danger, and lots of hot romance. This one is a must read.

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No Excuses

What if Christian Grey had a sense of humor?

A no-nonsense, demanding, alpha CEO billionaire.
A sassy young assistant who lives life by the seat of her panties.
Sharing a suite at a corporate retreat, testing problem-solving, trust and commitment.
This is going to start out a little... rough.

No Excuses is a steamy, full-length contemporary romance, featuring a billionaire boss and his young secretary, blindfolds, rope play, office hijinx, food fights, and sexy architectural features like wainscoting. As in all Nikky Kaye books, cheating is not allowed! A little angst, some funny stuff, and a HEA are non-negotiable.


Do It Yourself

Sometimes a woman has to learn how to drill herself.

Sarah began her DIY education by ditching the biggest tool in her garage—her husband. Now she’s realizing that not just her marriage was boring, beige and transitional, and she’s in over her head.

Luckily, Chris the hot young handyman is teaching her how to screw, drill, and hammer—and also how to use her power tools.

Together they’re updating her wiring and unclogging her pipes. But when Sarah worries that she’s treating Chris like her own personal power tool, what will she do? Will she pull the plug?

DO IT YOURSELF is a 25,000 word erotic novella, with a lot of heat, humor, and a HFN ending. Warning: You may feel compelled to use power tools after reading this story!


Once Should Be Enough

"I think I hate sex."

When I confessed to my cocky friend Will that I'd never had a happy ending, he bet me a thousand bucks he could give me one. I must be a college outlier, because I think it's all pretty... meh. Even if the dirty promises he whispers in my ear make me shiver, once should be enough to say "I told you so," right? Easiest money I'll ever earn.

But I didn't know he meant trying everything once, and now he's raising the stakes...

Once Should Be Enough is a VERY sexy new adult romance novella! An Amazon Bestseller in Humorous Erotica, it also has a sequel, Don't Think Twice.


The Sin Bin

Lucy Solomon showed up to watch a hockey game in a luxury box wearing jeans and a hoodie, and she didn't give a puck who I was. Now the hotter it gets between us the better my team does on the ice, and I'm getting superstitious.

I'm not skating around my feelings--I want to win the playoffs, and I want Lucy, but something's gotta give.

I melted for Beckett Hallstrom's brazen moves and boyish charm when we first met, but things exploded when I found out who he really was. Beck wants me to be his good luck charm, but the press is relentless and now my career is in jeopardy.

Every competition has a loser and I'm afraid it's going to be me losing my heart.

THE SIN BIN is a fast and feverish standalone sports romance novella, where high sticking is totally allowed.