Olga GOA (Goa is a pen name) was born in Russia, Moscow. She always was too attached to literature in her young years, and her big dream was to share her creation with a lot of people. She likes to read romance and especially dark romance where things are so close to real life and make readers really sympathize to the book's heroes. Such genre inspired her to write her first dark romance novel FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION that was published in August 2017. It became her hardest and the most emotional work in her writer's life. But she's happy that she did it, and she is totally satisfied with it. It’s her most favorite labor to whom she dedicated her soul and heart.
Now she works on the continuation of her first novel and also plans to publish her darkest novel CLUB DRUNKEN CHERRY in 2018. Her next book HOT SHORT STORIES came out on Amazon in November 2017. She has a lot of projects in the future so you must stay tuned not to miss any new releases on her Amazon’s page.
Her book FIP won NaNoWriMo 2015 and won the 5 place in The Best 20 novels list on writer’s social site - Inkitt 2016. Olga GOA also won 1 place as Best Online Author in The Writer Awards 2017.
In free time she likes to listen to music or watching movies, play piano, reading books, and enjoy walking in the forests. Especially the last one inspires her to write about a lot of things. It’s her big inspiration for creativity and originality, and the source to give her the best ideas of what to write. She also enjoys traveling around the world, because any new place makes her to fantasize and create new plots for upcoming books. She is really passionate about her works and plans to create a lot of stories, even in Teen Fiction or maybe another genre like Thriller.
Join Olga's world full of emotional passion and hot love, and you will never forget it.




Lisa Andrew

Sounds interesting! Would love to give this one a shot!

Jeff D. Ellis

Steamy, naughty and oh so thrilling! YASSSS!

Lexi Miles

I enjoyed this read from start to finish! It is intense, passionate, and a wild ride!

KG Fletcher

If you're looking for action and drama with a ton of heat, add Olga GOA to your TBR list!

Molly Sloan

I love stories about independent women finding their identity in relation to their man. Olga is outstanding in this. <br /> Molly Sloan

Shannon Nemechek

great set

Connie Lafortune

A sexy Hot read that you don't want to miss.

Kitty Barstow

Can't wait to read this one!!

CWG Publishers

Nice :)

Tia Didmon

This looks great!

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Fateful Italian Passion 2

Milano and Veronica were able to solve their differences and live together in Milano’s house. Like magnets, they can never be apart. An attraction so strong and deeply rooted, no amount of bickering or quarrels can tear them apart, nor their desire to be with one another.

However, family interference and the nature of Milano’s job begins to weigh heavily on their relationship and Milano slowly veers away from Veronica. And there are new players in town that add more tension: Milano’s former mistress, Bianca Lesti, and his office secretary, Susan Davis. These women are battle-ready for Milano’s heart.

Will Veronica lose this time? Will she be able to sustain the tempo of her growing love for her man? Will she finally win the coldhearted and invincible Milano?



Club 'Drunken Cherry'

A clever, beautiful but unfortunately lonely Violet Fire works peacefully in the company of the powerful, one of the richest men in Madrid, Spain - Kyle Jamieson. But one night in club 'Drunken Cherry' changes her life abruptly, and Violet having no idea if it is for the better or worse. An accidental meeting with her gorgeous boss, Mr. Jamieson who all women in the office are thrilled with, twists her destiny. A destiny she couldn't imagine even in her worst nightmares or her best daydreams. A destiny that turns her life upside down.

Will Violet survive this race in her life where her independence is at stake? Will she be the independent woman Violet always thought she was?


Hot Short Stories

Get ready to dive into the Smutty One-Shot Book, Hot Short Stories, my world of love and lust. Don't be afraid to be naughty dreamers and brave explorers. Be yourself and desire what any man or woman wants. This is the world where anything is possible.
You are welcome here, guys! Let’s start our journey together!


Fateful Italian Passion

Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood. Not knowing anything about her biological parents, she lived solely for her Aunt Henrietta. After finishing her penultimate fourth year at the university, she craved for an escape from her mundane everyday life and from her so-called friends who were nothing but bullies. Her Aunt Henrietta gifted her a much-needed vacation— a trip to Italy which was to be her best holiday ever.

When Veronica arrived in Rome, Italy, she met the young Milano Veneziani, who at first seemed to be a kind man. But Veronica didn’t know anything about his dark past or his present and what tomorrow would hold for her. As she got into a passionate relationship with him, she realized that she was falling in love with Milano...