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Dayne Edmondson

Emily Martha Sorensen is an exceptional author.

Living Sensical

Remarkable entertainment for all ages. Perfect for relaxing -- and you can read her books anywhere.

Michael Beaulieu

If you're looking for clean YA fantasy then you can't get any better than Emily Martha Sorensen.

Bolaji O

I love the premise of this book!<br /> Emily has done an exceptional job of creating a world that we'd all want to explore!<br /> This is the first book in a 10-book series. I can't wait to immerse myself in Cassie's world!

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To Prevent Pure Heroes

A magical girl has followed Kendra home! Not a good thing when you happen to be a villain.


A Phone Conversation

An alien child calls the White House while trying to reach McDonald's.


Fairy Feet

When playing tag, three girls run into a fairy with big feet. Oops! Is the fairy okay? A short story with the same main characters as the book Fairy Eyeglasses.


Triumph of a Teenage Werevulture

In a world where everyone is a fantasy creature, Lisette had the misfortune to be turned into a werevulture. On top of that, now her date is dragging her to a football game! But if the rival team is cheating, well, clearly somebody needs to save the day.


To Prevent World Peace

Kendra is a magical girl. Kendra wants to save the world. Even if she has to destroy the world to do it.


Six Shiny Silver Coins and the Ridiculous Ruckus They Caused

"The Fates see all and hear all. The king will perform a great act of generosity before the sun sets this day."

The king is horrified to hear this, and immediately throws six silver coins out into the crowd to get the prophecy over with before something worse happens.

Naturally, Henina catches one.

And, naturally, pandemonium ensues.


The Spinning Talent

When Della's roommate is stupid enough to give away a ring that protects her from her birth-curse, Della is forced to reveal herself as a goldspinner in order to find her roommate's true love.


Rite of Passage

Twelve-year-old twins Jaeda and Kaedin are preparing for their society's rite of passage. Kaedin's hoping to get magic. Jaeda just wants to survive. But neither are prepared for the surprise awaiting them.


Dragon's Dawn

Tomorrow is her wedding, and Rose is really scared. She's about to marry a man she barely knows so that they can become parents to a baby dragon.

A short story set after the book Dragon's Egg.


The Dragon and the Santa

After trying to eat Rudolph, a dragon ends up pulling Santa's sleigh.

A funny fantasy short story with a grumpy dragon and a Santa who is not what he seems.


The Weeds within the Rulership

Raneh's really worried that she has magic and it's forbidden.

But she gets a slight distraction when the boy next door gives her a bouquet of weeds.


Valentine's Oops

When Donovan finds out his best friend's little sister wants to cast a love potion on him, he knows he has to escape a fate worse than death.


On the Way Through the Woods

A good witch and a kleptomaniac princess meet a monster in the forest who does NOT like people stealing his roses.


Fairy Eyeglasses

When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that allow her to see fairies, she has to figure out where they came from . . . and what the fairies want her to do with them.