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Science Fiction


Wayne Meyers

Very interesting premise! Sounds like a fun, exciting read that promises a great story.

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Stolen Magic

They met while trying to rob the same house.

Chaz is a power thief. He can steal power from anyone, and that usually comes in handy.

Then he meets Clink. The other man is tall, handsome, and sexy as sin. He's also able to block Chaz's powers.

Chaz has never met anyone like Clink, and he's willing to do just about anything for a small taste.

Chaz knows he's not the most handsome specimen, and usually, someone like Clink wouldn't look twice at him, but then an unexpected event brings them closer together, and Chaz can't help but wonder, would Clink really be willing to take a chance on someone like him?


Rebel Magic

It was supposed to be a one-night stand.

There were supposed to be no strings attached.

When Clink agrees to use his power of astral projection to help a team that already consists of super speed, super strength, and empathy, rob the most secure building in Crimson, he figures the pay-out will be worth it.

Then he meets Glone, the team leader, who is six feet of distracting lean muscle and attitude. This man has a temper like a rattlesnake and a bite to match.

Although Clink tries to avoid his growing attraction, things finally come to a head one night, and they both give in to their passion.

The problem: Neither man believes in relationships. Yet the desire between them is strong, and with the heist not going as planned, Clink risks not only losing his freedom, but his heart as well.



No Option to Fail

A prequel short story to my upcoming novel about Tinai and her people. More stories to follow soon.

When a human male comes to Tinai convinced that his wife is trying to kill him, she has to use tactics learned on her home world to get to the truth.
The space travel program is something her planet prides itself on. If Tinai messes up on here, it could dispel disaster for them all.


Crooked Magic

Rekia has one job. Get her client to safety before the Crass government execute him for being a spy.

Rekia is a world hopper, and when she hides you, you'll never be found.

All is going well, until her sometime lover, Trent, steals her client from under her nose.

More than a little put out, Rekia is determined to get him back, but the Crass government has other ideas when they intervene and take the spy for themselves.

Now Rekia and Trent will have to work together to prevent a death more gruesome than anything they've ever seen.

Rekia prides herself on her ability to protect her clients. Only this time, the game has changed, the players are different, and she's left reeling with the knowledge that just this once, her special skills, might not be enough.


Cursed Magic

They stay in the dark, because to come out means pain and death.

Celeste is from Cave Town, a place deep underground where the people have been cursed for thousands of years. In sunlight, the tattoos on their skin burn them alive.

Celeste is fine staying underground until she can no longer deny the truth. Something rotten is happening in Cave Town. People are being disfigured, while others are disappearing altogether, yet no one will talk about it.

Not sure what’s going on, but determined to find out, Celeste comes up against an enemy more vicious than she’s ever encountered.

With the help of her boyfriend, Kemp, and good friend, Twist, Celeste uncovers a plot, that if not stopped, could have them all scorching under the light of the sun.


A Magical Reckoning

What do you get when you:

Betray a government agent with skunk DNA?

Break the heart of a timid woman with water powers?

Mislead a telekinesis into the fight for her life?

Mistreat a vulnerable woman giving her the will and power to defeat you?

Lead an enraged Succubus into a trap?

Find out in: A Magical Reckoning, Five Stories of Supernatural Betrayal.