Science Fiction


Amanda J. McGee

This story looks like a lot of fun!

Andria Stone

Wow--what a riveting blurb--with such a unique plot and characters. Can't wait to read the full novel.

Peter North

Intriguing concept and cover. Fiesty daughter stories always draw me in, there's always so much to explore! Great storytelling!

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Birth of a Star

Aldrea, the feisty daughter of a Quenterian scientist, agrees to accompany her parents on a routine mission with mixed emotions. It was better than another resort vacation, but lacks the adventure and excitement she craves. So when her father is taken prisoner by a deranged Radical agent on a deserted planet, Aldrea doesn't think twice--she goes after them.

But time is running out. With the greatest discovery in Quenterian history in the balance, Aldrea must rescue herself first before the prize they seek kills them all.