Andria Stone has lived many places, from the exciting earthquake regions of California to the equally hair-raising hurricane zones of Florida. Traveling has been her passion, with visits to four continents, a dozen countries, plus more museums and art galleries than she can count. Some of the things she's seen and a few of the people she's met might even have snuck into her novels. She has a BA in Liberal Arts from UCLA.
She is a full-time writer and now lives in sunny Florida. Science Fiction has always been her favorite genre, with conventional Thrillers coming in a close second. She writes both and hopes you enjoy reading all her novels as much as she enjoyed writing them.


Science Fiction


Lillian Wolfe

From the opening sentence of the book, this is a tense thriller that grabs you from the get go and pulls you right into the book. Totally an exciting book.

Austin Dragon

Love the cover!

Maira Dawn

One minute Dr. Mark Warren is docking a Martian space station, the next he is accused of murder. <br /> After killer cyborgs are spotted, dead Terrans are found, and the doctor's spaceship is attacked, authorities find new enemies leading back to Warren's old nemesis.<br /> Back on the planet, these same enemies threaten Mars itself. The high-octane x-military MAVREK crew swings into action, battling arms dealers, mercenaries, hackers and close trafficking, as well as, an insidious female enemy ready to kill rather than be captured.<br /> Can Mars be saved? Perhaps, if our heroes don't die first!

Eamonn Murphy

This is a fast-paced SF military adventure set against an interesting future background with realistic heroes to cheer for.

lyle nicholson

I love this cover. This makes for a must read by anyone who sees it.

Jay Toney

You may never meet a kinder person. She volunteered both her time and her skills to help me out. Thank you. Jay

Hayley Camille

Fantastic plot and cover - a thriller to get your heart racing!

Yawatta Hosby

Your blurb sounds very interesting. I love suspense.

Faith Nightingale

A very interesting story with a great plot. Don't miss out on this one!

Sandra Woffington

Love the cover! Can't wait to read it!

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Edge Of The Future (Book 1): A TechnoThriller Science Fiction

"He wasn't human. You've discovered the existence of a new enemy combatant, Captain. Since you saw him--he saw you."
150 years after the last war, humanity is united in exploring space with colonies on its moon and Mars. But the Europa Mission just failed and 152 people died in space. No one knows why.
When military bioscientist Capt. Warren's hidden research installation is attacked, he joins forces with armored assault Sgt. Von Radach. They become entangled in a deadly fight to stop the theft of classified military secrets by a lethal female villain. Her devious plan uses enemy cyborgs posing as humans and altering military personnel's neural implants to accept her commands have every chance of succeeding. Unless, Capt. Warren and Sgt. Von Radach can end her first. 4.3 Stars/70 Reviews


Edge Of The Stars (Book 2): A TechnoThriller Science Fiction

"You move--you die." Dr. Mark Warren is found kneeling over a dead body in a pool of blood. Minutes after docking on the Martian space station, he's accused of murder.
The warm welcome continues with an attack on his spaceship, then three Terrans are found dead, and killer cyborgs are spotted. Authorities immediately conduct a massive hunt throughout Martian space and terrible new enemies surface with a direct link to Warren’s old nemesis.
On the planet, the same fugitives hunting Warren also threaten the downfall of Mars itself. The high-octane x-military MAVREK crew battles arms dealers, mercenaries, an infamous hacker, clone trafficking, and an insidious female enemy who will kill to avoid capture. Perhaps they'll save Mars…if they don't die first!


Edge Of The Rings (Book 3) A TechnoThriller Science Fiction

A captured clone trafficker leads Mark Warren and Axel Von Radach down a black hole of conspiracy, deceit and murder. They discover a triad of wealthy, cunning criminals bent on blowing Terra’s Space Program back to the dark ages.
To address this new threat, the military recalls Captain Warren with all the top experts, hoping to speed research capable of defeating their adversaries. Instead…a catastrophic explosion kills dozens of these world-famous scientists on the hallowed grounds of the military’s headquarters.
Terra and Mars again join forces to chase the outlaws halfway to Jupiter. On their homeworld, Warren and his friends battle drug lords, human-looking AIs, and an army of androids, all while in an extreme live or die rescue—for one of their own.