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Shane Lusher

The blurb makes this sound like a classic lost in the woods with scary things happening, but it's not. This is an ambitious book that really makes you want to read it with all the lights on in the house. This really left me guessing at every turn. <br /> But above all of that--keeping me in suspense enough to want to read to the end--the writing is just wonderful and the descriptions are absolutely fantastic. I don't want to put any spoilers in here, but let me just say that when Hosby's characters feel pain, you do, too, and when they are afraid, you are, too. I can't remember the last time I read a book in this genre that really gripped me like this.

Dakota Light

Based on the description, Something's Amiss seems to have a unique twist on the 'old love comes back to town' trope. I look forward to reading.

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Urban Legends

Gruesome murders, resembling urban legends, take place in a small college town. Wilk, Elena, and Wayne grow suspicious of their Urban Legends professor when their best friend, Savannah, is found dead in her dorm room with 'Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Lights?' written in blood on the mirror. Is Professor Stevens a deranged serial killer? Or just a creepy dude? They must find out the truth before they become the next victims.


Something's Amiss

Oliver never thought he'd see his ex step foot in Rhode Island again. But, Poe returns a year later to pay her respects for the loss of Jenna. Deciding life's too short, he plans to fight for what he wants. Can he convince Poe to give him a second chance? Or will old resentments resurface?

Poe gets an unexpected surprise when she's able to bond with Jenna's young daughter, Raven. And, for a long time, she thought her ex hated her. Soon, Poe realizes, maybe she was wrong.


Six Plus One

ONE BY ONE ended with Detective Brown disgusted and traumatized over the crime scene in the woods. He wants to find justice for those poor victims and vows to keep his daughter safe from the horrors of the world.

Sequel time--SIX PLUS ONE, Detective Brown can't keep that promise. Alta and her group of friends leave Voy on a road trip to Green Bank, West Virginia. They're filming footage for their alien-centric web series.

What should be a get-in and get-out situation for the weekend turns into a deadly nightmare...


One By One

Rae faces a dilemma when her brother, Kenan, announces a man wants to buy their log cabin in Virginia. A place abandoned after they helplessly watched their parents tortured and killed inside. Reluctantly, Rae agrees to sign over the deed once Kenan mentions their six friends are taking a road trip with them for moral support.

The next morning, two of their friends have disappeared. And worse, someone has sabotaged their two rented Jeeps, leaving them stranded.

Alone in the woods, thirty miles from civilization with no cell phone reception, the weekend turns into a deadly game when a killer hunts Rae and her friends. They struggle to stay alive and discover the truth.

Is someone stalking them, or is there a killer among the group?


Perfect Little Murder

Franco was my brother, my best friend, my protector. He never missed any of my ballet practices.

Until Kina...killed him. I don't care how many times she denies it. I know she killed him. And for that, she'll have to pay.


Twisted Obsession

Baby or no baby, Finia's determined to live life her way.

Too bad that doesn't fit Miki's version of a happy ending. He owns her. No leeway. If she fights back, then he'll make her regret it.

Miki will get his perfect family by any means necessary.