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Aubrey Campbell

LOVING this book! The cover is perfect too!

Jennifer Stevenson

Adorable schoolteacher witch story! You have to read this!

G.S. Carr

I think this is the best cover ever! I would pick this book up and read it just for that reason. It already alludes to the hilarity to come between the pages.

Cassandra Morgan

I downloaded this book as something to read over my lunch break and completely fell in love! I found the characers so wonderful and believable. The world-building is just amazing! I definitely will be looking up the rest of the Womby's School for Wayward Witches books!

Wesley Britton

Just think if that was possible? This story has so much exciting potential when it comes to 'what-if' scenarios. Add the sci-fi element to a thrilling romance, I believe this book has every ingredient needed for a great book.<br /> All the best.

John Hennessy

You can't beat a good witch story, and as a fan of them, this one rocks, and should be an essential part of your reading collection. Grab it today!

Rebecca Janet

love your cover!

Sue Hollister Barr

Sarina Dorie's The Memory Thief is perhaps not all that probable, but a fun romp through an off-world steampunk romance with fascinatingly elaborate plotting.

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Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells PREVIEW: Womby's School for Wayward Witches

Nerdy high school outcast, CLARISSA LAWRENCE, has always felt like she didn’t belong in this world. More than anything, she wants magic to be real—and not just because she’s obsessed with Harry Potter and tries to go to Narnia by reading fantasy novels in her wardrobe. Yet, when she stumbles upon real magic, and fairy tales come true, she doesn’t expect to be the evil villain in her own story.

Clarissa learns she’s descended from an evil witch and is destined to kill her older sister. When she meets a cute boy who offers to train her in magic, she must make a choice. She can have a safe, normal life and no harm will come to anyone. Or she can choose magic and risk everything and everyone she loves in order to be what she’s always known she was meant to be . . . a wicked witch.



The Geari Wife

Steampunk. Mystery. Romance. Revenge.

Orphaned on a world similar to pre-shogunate Japan, Faith longs for her old life and the civilization that has left her behind. When the man who is responsible for kidnapping her sister returns to the planet where she has been abandoned, she hatches a plan that will restore peace to the indigenous people, get her memories back from the man who stole them, and avenge the death of her family.

It would all be so simple if she didn’t find herself falling in love with the man she has vowed to destroy.


Clockwork Memories

Most accomplished ladies excel in art, music, and dance. Not that such skills helped Faith Earnshaw survive exploding spaceships, planetside skirmishes and a lack of nineteenth century plumbing.

Just when everything falls into place and Faith realizes who her fiancée truly is and what his intentions are with her, she thinks she might have a chance to live happily-ever-after with her Prince Charming. Or that’s what she thinks before their ship is attacked and they are boarded by French pirates.

Faith and her friend, Sumiko, must quickly learn the subtle arts of subterfuge and stealing memories so they can outwit their captors and find out Lord Klark’s plans. If they fail, it will mean death to them and those they hold dear.



Blackboard Galaxy: A Funny Short Story

A teacher who has always wanted to teach in space finally gets her dream job at an intergalactic academy teaching aliens. Now that Ms. Brewer is living her dream, she must find ways to discipline students besides eating them, as that is the standard protocol among alien teachers. Classroom management techniques become a life or death situation when Ms. Brewer realizes students can literally explode.

This is a quick read and a funny short story.

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Silkpunk and Steam

Imagine the Victorians had rediscovered spaceflight. Would the British be interested in Japan during the Meiji era on Earth when they could occupy an entire planet instead?

Sumiko is a descendant of colonists from Earth’s Asia, whose ancestors came to the planet Aynu-Mosir during the world’s first era of spaceflight millennia ago. After thousands of years of peace, her planet is in danger.

Orphaned and alone after her people are annihilated by terraforming starships, a young native girl struggles to survive and rebuild her home. When she falls in love with a woman from the stars, she must decide if she’s willing to risk dishonoring herself, her family and her people’s traditions to save not only her love, but all of her people, from the merciless destruction of her world by the


Womby's School for Wayward Witches Book Bundle 3

A magical boarding school. Budget cuts. Missing teaches. A not-so-cozy mystery

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher's perspective at a school for at risk youth

This book bundle includes:
Of Curse You Will
Cackles and Cauldrons
Hex and the City
Wedding Bells and Midnight Spells
Hex Appeal
Night of the Living Deadcrumbs
Careers for Magical Creatures
are also included in this bundle.
WARNING: These books contain hex-rated mysteries.


Personal Ads for Witches

In Tardy Bells and Witches’ Spells, Clarissa Lawrence is asked to fill out an intake form by a recruiting agent for Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. Later she finds this form in Hex-Ed and in later books when she works as a teacher at the magical boarding school she gets to assist with recruiting.

Thirteen Ways to Tell if You Are a Witch is a short quiz you can take if you are like Clarissa and your owl never came with your acceptance letter to a magical boarding school.


Dear Jezzy: Love Advice for Paranormals

Dear Jezzy is a quick read made up of a collection of love advice columns sent to a slightly immoral immortal.

Included in this short read are: I Dream of Djinn, Love Advice for a Shape Shifter, The Trouble with Trolls, Sleepless in the Underworld, and Oni You.


The Witch of Nightmares, Book 1: The Problem With Hedge Witches Series

Magic doesn’t grow on trees—except for hedge witches with an affinity for plant magic.

Fairy tales are very real in fourteen-year-old Abigail MacQuillan’s world. Bad things happen to children who are lost in the enchanted forest—Fae snatch them up to eat them, witches tempt them into eating their gingerbread cottages to enslave them, and carnivorous plants lure them into their jaws.

Which is why Abigail most certainly isn’t “lost.” She is on a mission. She must find her missing parents and older brother in the forest before harm befalls them—all while protecting her younger brother as she does so.

Only if Abigail can prove she is as resourceful as her enemies and come to terms with her own magical gifts in time, will she be able to protect her family from danger.


Hedgewitchin' in the Kitchen: Thirteen Magical Recipes with Bonus Story: The Witch's Familiar

Abigail MacQuillan Lawrence left the Unseen Realm for a normal life among mortals. When her daughter is injured, she returns to the land she rejected to care for her daughter. While there, she seeks answers to remedy her black cat, Lucifer, and is faced with the consequences of the past she left behind.

When Lucifer disappears, Abigail combines her talents of urban hedgewitching and kitchen alchemy as she puts her skills to the ultimate test to cook up a recipe to save her cat and put her conscience to rest for her past.
Included in this book are thirteen recipes of Clarissa Lawrence’s favorite foods mentioned in the Womby’s series and Abigail Lawrence’s hedgewitching tips for a modern witch.

It is a fun standalone novel in the Womby's Series World.


Wedding Bells and Midnight Spells: Book 14


The Trouble With Hedge Witches Series Book Bundle

Mystery. Magic. Revenge. Not all fairy tales are meant to come true.

Abigail will do anything to destroy her enemies, even if she loses her heart and soul in the process. This bundle includes all novels and stories in The Trouble with Hedge Witches Series a spin-off series of Womby’s School for Wayward Witches:
The Witch of Nightmares
A Cauldron Full of Curses
A Pocket Full of Poison
The Witch’s Familiar



Safe Hex: Book 16 of Womby's School for Wayward Witches

Adult Content Warning: This book is full of hexy magic!

Clarissa Lawrence wakes up at Prince Elric’s Fae estate after being in a coma for months. She is drained of magic and has gaps in her memories, yet no one will disclose what happened. It’s hard enough being a witch without magic, but Felix Thatch is behaving more mysteriously than usual. Her husband has made some kind of bargain with the Fae prince, and neither will tell her the truth about what the price her recovery has cost them. And worse, what it will cost her.

A mysterious force is keeping both men weak and drained. Clarissa must discover the cause of both men’s magical malady’s—and her own—before the Raven Queen strikes when they are all at their weakest.


The Joy of Hex: Book 17 of Womby's School for Wayward Witches

Adult Content Warning: Get cozy with this hexy mystery.

Clarissa Lawrence now remembers everything the Raven Queen has stolen everything from her, starting with her fairy godmother, her student, and her child. The icing on the cake is that Clarissa’s powers as a witch have been robbed from her, rendering her powerless.

Despite her lack of magic, Clarissa is determined to get those she loves back, even if it means joining the dark side. In order to bring justice to the land, she will have to fulfill her contract with a Fae, seek answers from Alouette Loraline’s diary of experiments, steal the Ruby of Divine Wisdom, and accept assistance from the wickedest witch in all the land—even if it kills her and everyone around her.


Witches Gone Wicked PREVIEW: Book 1 in Womby's School for Wayward Witches

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at risk youth.

Like any twenty-two-year-old who grew up obsessed with fantasy novels, Clarissa Lawrence expects all her Harry Potter fantasies to come true when she is invited to teach at a school for witches.

As if being the new “arts and crafts” teacher isn’t hard enough at a school for juvenile delinquent witches, budget cuts are just as severe in the magic community, administrators are as unrealistic in their expectations of teachers, and the job is a hazard if the students find out you can’t actually do magic.

As if this isn’t enough pressure, she has to figure out why teachers are mysteriously disappearing. If she doesn’t, she might be next.


Hex Appeal: Book 15


A Handful of Hexes: Book 4 in Womby's School for Wayward Witches--A Cozy Witch Mystery

As much as Clarissa Lawrence wants to share the joys of watercolors with her students, she knows it’s going to take more than literacy strategies and art therapy to help students survive against soul-sucking Fae after graduation. She’s going to need to learn magic ASAP if she’s going to help her students, survive her tutelage under an evil magical mentor, and figure out who’s trying to kill her this quarter.

When Clarissa finds her mother’s diary outlining her experiments with the Fae Fertility Paradox, she is desperate to uncover the mysteries of her mother’s past that will help with her own magic problems of the present. She suspects this book will solve the feud between Fae and Witchkin.

Either that or it will cause an all-out war.


Spell It Out For Me: Womby's School for Wayward Witches Book 9

Clarissa Lawrence knew there would be a price to pay for accepting the assistance of a Fae’s magic, though she never thought it would cost her heart. . . .

Clarissa has fallen in love with Prince Elric of the Silver Court, who is kind and selfless, fulfills her Tolkien fantasies of Legolas, and would do anything to protect her from the Raven Queen. Plus, unlike Felix Thatch, her magical mentor, Elric is emotionally available.

If she trusts Elric, she might be able to regain her magic and become a powerful witch once again. If he is like other Fae and learns what her magic is, he might force her to bear his heirs—or worse yet—enslave her and force her to build an army of powerful warriors to suppress her own people.



Eels for Heels

After a Black Friday fiasco at Prada, Kerstin has been cursed by a wicked sea witch and now suffers from a bad case of eel feet. Only if she can change her vain and shallow ways AND find true love before turning thirty, her curse will be lifted.


Fairies, Robots and Unicorns--Oh, My! A Collection of Funny Short Stories

Adult Warning: These stories contain randy robots, naughty fairies and lawyers who fantasize about Star Trek. This quirky collection gathers the funniest fantasy and weirdest science fiction stories written by award winning author, Sarina Dorie. Included in this book of treats are previously published stories such as:
Debbie Does Delta Draconis
Eels for Heels
The Optimist Police
Lady Chatterley’s Computer
In all, there are seventeen tales to transport you to another world and tickle your funny bone.