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Ira Heinichen is a writer / podcaster / lingerie model living in Los Angeles. He is currently writing about himself using the third-person, pretending that it's someone else like he's so important and busy that he needs other people to write these things for him. He's also pretending about the "lingerie model" part of that first sentence. The writer and podcaster parts are true...but he's probably blown that credibility already with the afore-mentioned lying.

I write SciFi books, I run a podcast called "Two Guys One Trek," and I live in Los Angeles with my amazing wife and my more-amazing dogs (sorry, bear) Cooper and Coco.

I really hope you enjoy my stories :)


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult


D L Richardson

This blurb sounds good. a boy and his dog to save the galaxy! You had me at dog.

William C. Tracy

The cover looks really interesting on this one!

Leon Cameron

A fun ride from beginning to end! Starstuff is the stuff that great novels are made of. Intriguing characters, action that never stops and clever dialogue, this is a can't miss!

Ben Wolf

Excellent cover!

Andrew Mackay

A wonderful story from an outstanding author. It's the STUFF of sci-fi dreams!

Simon Haynes

The cover drew me in right away, and I've just finished reading the preview on Amazon. Great writing, I enjoyed the opening, and the hook at the end of the first chapter had me wanting to read more.

Sue Hollister Barr

I'm delighted to include Ira Heinchen's Starstuff in my "select few" giveaway. His writing is suberb!

Michael W. Huard

Very nice cover!

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The galaxy is dying.

One boy must save the father he never knew...

Petrick longs for a life outside his backwater orphanage. Even talking with his friends about the science that spurred space travel and colonization is forbidden. When Petrick sleeps at night and dreams, he envisions lessons from the most famous scientist of the fringe worlds: his father…

One fateful night, the lessons turn into cries for help, and it’s up to Petrick, his dog, and his friends to escape and find his father. But the worlds beyond their home are more treacherous than they ever could have imagined. On their quest, they encounter space pirates, advanced androids, and growing unrest that could tear the galaxy apart…

Read Starstuff today to take a journey you’ll never forget!