Michael W Huard is a lover of words, a dreamer, a d&d fanatic, and a long time martial artist! HE HAS WRITTEN SEVERAL GOTHIC FAIRY TALE BOOKS ON VAMPIRES, WITCHES and folklore! His sci-fi book series "The Mystical Slayers" is of the fantasy genre set in the far future; that which is filled with d&d, robots, martial arts, and a whole lot more. His newest novel is BUTCHER OF BANSHEES!


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult


R. M. Carpus

Spellbinding cover and intriguing premise - very unique!

Paris Singer

What a fun novel! Wonderfully engaging.

Georgiana Kent

This cover is awesome! I can't wait to read it!

Kim Cormack

Cool blurb. Awesome cover.

Shirley S. Simon

The book cover has come out really well. The blurb is quite interesting considering the current scenario where the use of AI /ML has increased and is becoming deeply integrated in the way we interact with each other as well as the way we do business. This would definitely be quite a captivating read.

S Zahedi

great cover! pulled me in right away!

B. G. Austin

Wow! Interesting story.

Berneta Haynes

This cover is eye-catching! The color, the it!

Lillian Wolfe

The cover really caught my attention. It sounds like a great fantasy story that I'm looking forward to reading.

R. Malak

Don't read much anymore, but this was very enjoyable.

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There is an old Legend of one Annabel Lee. It was said that she who was so beautiful, that the angels themselves came and took her to heaven at a tender young age.

And as our story goes hundreds of years later, there is another most beautiful young lady; She named oddly enough, Olivia Lee. Yet this time, it is not the heavens that come for her; it is the sea.

Read the latest Gothic fairy tale from fantasy author Michael W. Huard today.



Land of the Free (Sneak Preview)

In the year 3016 the United States of America has fallen into great despair. The advent of advanced technology, and robotics after the many changing wars has left one power-hungry corporation ruling the nation.However, there is hope! A sisterhood of beautiful, enhanced, highly intelligent, patriotic, martial arts experts are out to make the land free once again. This is just a quick preview. The novel is coming out soon!