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B. G. Austin

I love the concept of this book. Looks like a good one.

J.K Jones

great cover art

D. B. Goodin

Lots of cool stuff described in the blurb that intrigues me enough to start reading.

Eden Butler

Sounds good!

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Tragic Fools

No judgement. No fear.
Our Heroine is a hot mess of emerging abilities and inappropriate behaviour. The Daughters of Seth Prophecy is underway, and every dark entity out there is trying to stop it. It’s a gong show of sexy pulse-racing, bust a gut laughing mishaps embracing their afterlife duties while gaining powers. Attachments cause drama as Ankh awaits a birth to begin training the next group of Correction survivours for their Immortal Testing. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with jaw-dropping plot twists that will blow your mind and make you question everything.


Wicked Thing

Orin was surprisingly alright with being a relief pitcher. Tiberius was becoming impossible to resist, and Grey was boiling rabbits in the backyard, jealous...What could go wrong?
A sexy scifi fantasy dark comedy romp through the afterlife with three Clans of naughty immortal antiheroes. You will be blushing and busting a gut laughing as our stone-cold feral heroine, hunts things that go bump in the night.


Let There Be Dragons

Fresh out of Immortal Testing, our antiheroes have been killed thousands of times in increasingly ghoulish ways, to prove themselves capable of being Immortal. The five new Ankh must sink or swim as they find their way through emerging powers and new dynamics. With scenes that will make you blush and bust a gut laughing, the new Ankh start their forever jobs. Welcome to Clan Ankh. Take a trip into the metaphysical, with endearing paranormal antiheroes and wickedly titillating warriors. Buckle Up. We're New Adult now. Choose your preferred store link here. BUY IT NOW.


Deplorable Me

This titillating, immortal journey will leave you breathless.
The Dragon sisters of Clan Ankh slice and dice their way through the afterlife, saving mortals by comically clearing out demons, hybrid infestations, triggering powers they have no idea how to use. When your pastimes include murdering two hundred demons at dusk and traipsing through the wilderness as a stone-cold feral assassin for a Clan of immortals, you’re waving a red flag. Her Handler was used to it. She was keeping it casual with Orin, and crazy was Tiberius’ jam.


Wild Thing

She was broken to fulfil an immortal destiny and granted a second chance as a sacrificial lamb for the greater good as a hitman for a Clan of immortals. They needed to create a Dragon, her sanity was collateral damage.
No matter how far she ventured from this farm, she would always be the monster created within its walls of timber and shame. They would see what she really was. She was a murderer, a psychopath and a victim. She was all three of those things.
She was an unapologetically feral hit woman for a Clan of immortals, and sometimes just a girl in love with a boy destined to be her Handler. Endearing antiheroes, wickedly titillating paranormal fantasy warriors and a heartbreaking, magical realism tale of survival against insurmountable odds


Sweet Sleep

You were never meant to be born. There will be nowhere to run, no place to hide. You won't even know they're coming. Do you have what it takes to survive your Correction?

Fantasy adventure, magical realism, non-stop action with laughter, tears and a coming of age paranormal romance that will capture every reader's heart. A story of a teenage girl who overcomes tragedy and evolves into something she never knew possible as her immortal destiny comes to light. This paranormal fantasy will leave you breathless as it takes you through the darkness and leads you back out into the secret world of immortality triggered by choices in the afterlife.

The end of her life is only the beginning of her story.