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A. J. Henry

There is a sense of dread in the opening chapters of McGoldrick's novel. The Narrator is returning to a place to celebrate a birthday. We learn from three dead flies on the window sill all is not what it seems. The flies count the number of years Paul has been missing. The story opens an intrigue about the man's last moments. Paul was enjoying a few drinks on Saturday night when he disappeared in suspicious circumstances. One link is a woman he met and walked to a taxi. As yet, the police have no clues about his fate.


Love the writing style, the 'voice' that sounds so clear its like he's sitting next to my bed reading to me. Check out his website; it's cool without being in any way contrived. Great cover designs, too. This writer is 'one to watch', as they say. Not all short story writers try their hands at novel writing - Carver didn't - but I can't help feeling that if Glenn doesn't it would constitute a crime in its own right. For now, though, let this little gem wet your appetite!

A.H. Wang

Good pace and well thought out. I love Glenn's writing style and the depth of his characters always keeps me interested. Great book !

Leon Cameron

Great premise, cool cover!

Andrew Mackay

A thrilling revenge story. Looks awesome. Can't wait to get my paws on it!

Michael Thomas

Ecellent read, this is a book that stands out as something special. Great story, well plotted and unmissable,.

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Red Marks

"I wondered if she was sleeping alone; I liked to think that she was. It was too late to knock on her door and say hello, but maybe I’d get the chance some other time."

Introducing Red Marks, a dark short story by award winning writer Glenn McGoldrick.


Dead Flies

Just a kid, really, with his whole life ahead of him. But he vanished three years ago…

Introducing Dead Flies, a dark short story by award winning writer Glenn McGoldrick.


Breaking Spirits

A young man wants payback for his mother, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it…

Introducing Breaking Spirits, a dark short story by award winning writer Glenn McGoldrick.