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Swimming For Beginners

Joe Morrell has been swimming competitively for 15 years and he's helped countless beginners learn the basics of swimming and swim their first mile. Using a specific workout program, you'll be able to swim a mile without stopping in under 6 weeks!

Swimming for Beginners includes:

- Safety precautions when swimming
- Facing your fear
- Getting accustomed to the water
- Breathing techniques
- Detailed descriptions of leg kicks and swimming strokes
- What to do in life threatening situations
- A detailed workout program to follow over 6 weeks
- What to do after the completing your first mile
- Fitness building
- Health benefits
- Equipment recommendations



The Wonderful Life of Sloths

Do you love sloths? Silly question, of course you do!

This book dives into sloth's lives (that rhyme though) and shows you everything these interesting creatures get up to.

You're going to find out how many species of sloths there are. You're going to be bombarded with fun facts. You're going to be amazed when you find out what a sloth does all day. If you've made it this far I can tell you're interested.

What are you waiting for? Come and find out why sloths are so awesome!