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Women's Fiction


CWG Publishers

Sounds interesting!

Jan Moran

Fabulous tropical setting with the story of Zara and Matthew--highly enjoyable!

Pamela Fernandes

Thessa Lim gives you an office romance that is bittersweet. Zara Castillo has everything and even found the ideal man in Matthew, except that with her work and her own personal demons, her relationship is in testy waters. The only one who can sort our her demons is Zara and she has to make that choice before she loses the man she loves. I think she captures Manila very well, since I studied there it made me nostalgic.

Romilly West

A wonderful story of love and forgiveness! Highly recommended.

Tara Brent

An interesting cover. Very different, makes me want to study it a painting. I like it!! :-)

Marianne Sciucco

I love 💕 your beautiful covers!

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Throwing Rules to the Wind

Travel writer Zara Castillo has a lot going for her. Her career’s taking off, and her boyfriend, Matthew Villanueva, is everything she wants in a man. So what if talking to her parents is like getting her teeth pulled out without anaesthesia? No one’s life is perfect.

But when her relationship with Matt is tested by distance and jealousy, issues she thought she’d dealt with long ago emerge once again. She goes soul-searching through her past—only to find that the answer to her fears lies closer to home. Now she must decide if she can finally forgive and heal, or she loses the love of her life.

With trips to tropical islands boasting beaches, rolling hills, and windmills, Throwing Rules to the Wind explores the lights and shades of seeking closure, forgiveness, and love.


Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro

The friendship of four Filipinas is tested when Jazmine Abaya, a foundation worker in Manila struggling to make ends meet, grapples with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy and contends with the father, who refuses to take responsibility. When rich girl Anne Tioleco, a sales executive at a multinational firm, announces to her friends that she is eloping, tensions mount; and social classes, jealousies, and regrets threaten to tear the four ladies apart.

Set in modern-day Philippines, Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro is a new adult fiction for women that reveals the life-saving element of friendship and the intricate dynamics within it.