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Women's Fiction


Posey Parks

Young Kristen gets in over her head with a hot CEO. She get's more than she bargained for after a passionate tryst. After the drama unfolds there is still no other man for her.

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Always You (Sample)

How do you make yourself NOT love someone?

Bridgette has been in love with her best friend for TEN years...but after one drunken night in college where her profession of love was met with rejection, she's kept it inside. With her high school reunion looming over her head and the sparks of a new romance in the works will Bridgette and Luke be able to deny their love and desire forever? Tension and heat seem to be building more than ever and it's about to break one or both of them!
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Drake: A Rocky Mountain Romance (SAMPLE)

Celeste Teller is a big city attorney from Los Angeles with her eye on the big prize of managing partner but there’s a major speed bump in the road to her dream job. She’s going to have to spend some time getting the firm’s branch in Denver, Colorado in order before she can prove she’s got what it takes to manage the firm’s Los Angeles branch.

Just a quick detour is all…That is, until she meets the firm’s biggest Colorado client, Drake Fulton. Owner of the largest craft brewery in Colorado and sexy as hell rancher in his spare time. Drake makes no pretense regarding his opinion of Miss Teller, just a flighty city girl with all the wrong priorities who wouldn’t last a minute out in the real world.

What happens when she finally reaches her breaking point with the opinionated and sexy Drake