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Jeff Adams

A snowy weekend full of obligations awaits Nash and Tobias at the Williamsville Inn. It's a perfect setup for one of my favorite tropes, the fake boyfriend! After meeting at the hotel's front desk, Nash and Tobias bond over the events that have brought them to the Inn. In no time, they decide they'll be fake boyfriends and accompany each other to the weekend's events rather than having to show up single. It's an easy agreement to make since Nash and Tobias feel the attraction. I loved these guys. It's great to see a couple in their 40s going after their HEA. I loved the various scenarios Hank Edwards puts them into, from private moments together to interactions with family and friends. Nash and Tobias's chemistry is palpable from the beginning and kept me turning pages to see how the guys navigate the obstacles to get their happy.

Timothy Warren

Hank Edwards writes prose that is easy on the eyes and as satisfying as your favorite home-cooked meal. His characters are witty, deep, and relatable… and though "Fake Date Flip-Flop" is a modern spin on the screwball comedies of yesteryear, you’ll find yourself completely invested in Nash and Tobias and their pursuit of romantic bliss. Do yourself a favor… find a comfortable chair and journey with them to the snowy Williamsville Inn where magic awaits.

Neil S. Plakcy

You had me at Gruff Daddy.<br /> <br /> This is an absolutely charming contemporary about two middle-aged guys who meet by accident and then quickly develop strong feelings for each other. Nash and Tobias are both handsome and fit, but not overly so, and there's a very realistic emotional connection. The dialogue is funny and charming and this is definitely one of my favorite recent reads!

Stella Shaw

What I love about Hank’s characters are that they’re sexy and witty, but also very relatable and such fun to be with. In this refreshing story Tobias and Nash are mature men (and yet still fun, did I say that before? LOL) and they turn the fake date trope on its head with their honest and irresistible attraction. In amongst plenty of family and friends, they shine out as a couple that just Had To Be!

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