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A. J. Henry

John Seale finds himself in bed with a seductive woman, Maria. She sleeps while John is wired in a steamy hotel room in Barcelona. He is jumpy. Fireworks celebrating Saint Joan brought back the horrors of service in Syria. John is with the CIA, cybersecurity, but you would not know to look at him. In place of a stereotypical, pasty-faced nerd, the thirty-three-year-old agent is hard-ball muscle. A phone alert warns him of an incoming directive: wait for further instruction at the Viader Coffee Shop. An anchor on television news outlines a story about the Unranium One deal. Nothing in the story is new to John Seale. He leaves the hotel to face his first mission. Worse yet, he leaves to confront wretched misgivings of his own self-doubt.

Leon Cameron

The book takes modern events as a basis for a thriller that will cause even the most casual reader to binge read chapter after chapter. The characters are well developed, the dialogue realistic and the action is non-stop. This is easily the basis of the next Hollywood blockbuster.

FJ Harmon

Good description

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Electric Eel: A John Seal Novel

Veteran ex-black-ops agent, and cybersecurity expert, John Seal is brutal like John Wick, smart as Jack Reacher, and can disappear quicker than Jason Bourne.

John Seal is tasked with safeguarding the country’s vital electrical infrastructure from diabolical hackers. He is sent to Budapest on a routine intel gathering mission and inadvertently discovers a planned cyber attack is imminent. The target — US power grids!

With the risk of a terrorist attack on red alert, the Secretary of Homeland Security presses John to finish developing the software his agency is designing that detects unauthorized cyber activity and blocks an intrusion. But the code is incomplete.

Now, John is forced to hire a new software developer to expedite the process. A woman determined to prove her skills.



Caught Fire

Who is John Seal?

He’s a rookie CIA agent. His job is to protect America against cyber attack from enemy organizations and terrorists whose tactic is to disrupt lives as a means to leverage their agenda.
John finds himself in the middle of Barcelona during the Saint Joan Festival where he meets his handler for the first time. During his high stakes first mission, he is faced with hard decisions and is forced to go against his moral compass to complete his assignment leaving him to wonder if he is the right man for the job.

Does John have what it takes to be a covert operative, or will he fail and possibly lose his life?