Olga GOA

Untraditional Romance among books that I read. Love the characters and the story! Keep it up, Athena!

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I’m the one he wants, and he says nothing’s ever going to change that, but a man like him doesn’t stop when he finds something he wants..
He’s rich. He’s powerful.
He has something to prove and something to forget.
The Club gives him access to power, prestige, and woman he wants.
It only took one glance in my direction, one chance meeting.
Everything he thought he wanted changed when our eyes met that first time.
Now he really has more than he ever dreamed, but living in the world of The Club doesn’t come without a price.
With all the money and power comes the danger, and I’m in deep now too.
I need him to protect me, to keep me out of harm’s way.
Ultimately, the choice is his - will he choose to honor our love or the status of The Club?