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Mindfulness - A practical guide to improve focus and eliminate stress and Anxiety

In this book, we will cover what mindfulness is and how it works and clarifying the basic sequence of steps that activate mindfulness along with a variety of techniques, each tailored for specific challenges, difficulties, and opportunities that we commonly face in personal and professional life. If you're new to mindfulness or skeptical or have found it difficult to apply it consistently, this book is for you

Topics include
- Understanding Mindfulness
- Practicing mindful meditation
- Dealing with Stress and anxiety
- Overcoming fear and self-doubt
- Strengthening your connection with others
- How to become focused
- Strengthening Personal Alignment
- Becoming a Mindful Leader



Problem Solving Strategies - Proven strategies to make your problems solved with confidence

Problem solving is vital in all aspects of life, from people problems to technical problems and from short-term to long-term problems. All of us have problems, and the bitter truth is that no one is free from problems. In this book, we will be looking at problem-solving techniques which you can use to increase your creativity and to improve your decision making

Topics include
- Identifying the real problem
- Making up all possible solutions
- Brainstorming
- Boosting your creativity
- Risk Analysis
- Decision Making and Select the best solution
- Solution Implementation and Post-implementation