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The Holiday Killer

Around the world, holidays are a time of joy, hope and new beginnings, where children gorge themselves on chocolate or open presents, where adults flirt with the idea of love or alcohol, where fireworks and pumpkins and turkeys are the highlights of the day. Everyone is happy, safe and alive, enjoying their time with loved ones.
Except in Matryville.
Holidays are dreaded, rather than anticipated. A killer is on the loose, and he strikes as parents hide their kids, fearing the bogeyman's wrath...
Liz Rhodes, Special Detective, is heading the investigation of the Holiday Killer. She's close on his tail, a suspect in her grasp...
... and then her son is taken.
Will Liz be able to track down the Killer before it's too late? Or will Jamie pay the price for her arrogance? Only time will tell...


The Inuit Nightmare

When Anik of the Ahiarmiut found the creature, the only thought in his mind was of how pathetic it was. Until it scratched him, turning him into a snowy owl...
The nation of Infected face a bigger threat than ever before: one of their scientists is trying to resurrect an ancient strain of the disease that keeps them all alive, a strain that will destroy their only source of food. Anik volunteers to infiltrate the compound of the scientist in an effort to sabotage him, knowing that this may mean killing Kellach, his first infectling and rogue scientist...
Anik must make a choice between what is right and what is easy: will he assist the human Alisha, knowing that it will doom himself as well? Or will he step back and watch an innocent child be killed to keep a terrible, terrible secret?