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Midwest Classics Press

Fascinating and involving from the first sentence to the very last. A light, quick read that fills you with the adventure and mystery you need - in the short time you have for entertainment. Great book. Highly recommended. Claim yours and save to re-read forever.

Living Sensical

Draws you right into the little-told and compelling story of what could happen in our near future. From the eyes of one of someone you would never hear about - unless...

Annemarie Musawale

Can't wait to read it.

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A Mind's Eye Reader from New Voices

Have you ever thought some very dangerous thoughts?

Ones that could destroy all life as you knew it?

In these six stories by three authors, they do just that. Of course, fiction is safer than real life, so it's much easier to test things here. ...Or so we've been told.

In these stories are ideas that will captivate, and excite you to new thoughts and ideas of your own. Because the universe we live in is just a hair's-breadth away from the fictional ones we create.

If history is any judge, these authors may be writing are things that will be in our own present any time now.

Of course, that's only if you think their thoughts through...

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An SF/Fantasy Reader: Short Stories From New Voices by Kruze, Brower, Saunders, Marpel

New voices bring new ideas and new worlds to you in these six short stories of Science Fiction/Fantasy.

That's what they are good at. Figuring out things that are completely different from the same old repeating plots and characters. Finding new "what if's" that have never been asked before.

Whether you like dystopian stories of what happens after the world ends, or the sudden appearance of fairy tale creatures in our current worlds, you'll find a lot to keep you fascinated by these new authors.

As well, you may find a bit of fine satire and hidden social commentary, something both genres have always been good at.

Regardless, these short reads will fit into your busy schedule - about a week of good entertainment for the odd hours and minutes.

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Becoming Michelle by R. L. Saunders and C. C. Brower

The third time she was beaten up by a different roving city gang and this time left for dead. The guy who saved her life wanted to help solve how she ended up that way.

What wasn't working was to be anything they wanted. White, Black, Male, Female, Gay, Straight - someone was always offended, no matter what.

And now she had no choice. They had taken all she had, even her job, apartment and everything else she owned. Even her identity. Now she was a no-one.

It was only when she met a heavy-set, happy fellow who everyone liked that she got a clue what she must do to survive in these modern "tolerant" times. Whatever his secret was, she had to solve herself.

Otherwise, she didn't have long to live - without becoming one of the gangs who had left her like this...

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A Mystery Reader: Short Stories From New Voices - Kruze, Marpel, Brower, Saunders

Cozy, Detective, or Amateur Sleuth - contemporary or fantasy - these six short stories will keep you guessing right up to their quick end.

Mysteries come in many forms, and in many locations. Here we have contemporary, dystopian, and paranormal venues so you can immerse yourself from the first sentence in each of these short stories.

- A ghost who has to arrange her own scene-reenactment just to find out how she died.
- How a writer helps a woman find out why she is so sad all the time - from a diner bar stool.
- A private investigator assigned to find out the secret of nurses who can cure the incurable - but then becomes a patient when he breaks quarantine to save another's life.
- A detective who is ordered not to solve a perfect death.

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Our Second Civil War

Our Second Civil War was over in minutes - while the conflict took decades. As in all wars, both sides lost heavily and then proclaimed victory.

I knew this all too well, serving as a paramedic to patch up their wounded and dying.

I'd gotten myself into 'Cagga to solve my nightmares. After I'd sworn off coming back into the cities where the only real violence happened.

She was in my dreams every night, and turned them into the same hell on earth she was experiencing.

Because she only wanted to be rescued from a fate and destiny she could not control. In the old days, it was called human trafficking, but in our time it was called normal.

Just because she was pretty, single, and defenseless.

And once I found her, we'd only have until sundown...

(Short Read)

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