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Rebecca Reddell

I can't wait to read this one! Best wishes on your giveaway!😊

Robert Goluba

Excited to see this book from Anne Perreault!

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What if...

A rash decision. A trip with consequences.

Emily Martins has a comfortable life back in the States. The one thing she doesn't have is someone to share it with. A trip to help Pakistani orphans seems just what she needs. Thrust into a different world, nothing goes as planned. Emily finds herself surrounded by unusual sights, and people with different customs. She begins to realize that her trip may have been a mistake, when together with her unexpected traveling companion – an American computer engineer – they find themselves in a life and death situation. She must allow herself to trust someone she has only just met, someone who is more than meets the eye. (THIS IS A PREVIEW ONLY)


Running the Good Race

(THIS IS A PREVIEW ONLY) Tiffany French has held her own in a male-dominated career. She's done more than that. She is accepted by the guys in her team. Even her boss, Patrick 'Chip' Moore, sees her as such. But more is revealed as the two of them get to know each other. A deep friendship blossoms and Tiffany introduces Chip to her life and beliefs. Chip finds that she is giving him answers he never knew he was seeking. Can Chip find what he's looking for, aside from the money, power, and success? Can he break away from his old life of parties and women, to embrace one of grace and peace? Will Tiffany accept that she's wonderfully and beautifully made? Can they move past the friend zone and become more?