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J. Scott Coatsworth

Oooh, I love me some AJ Sherwood. *fist bump*

Hayley Camille

What a fantastic story!

Sky McCoy

AJ Sherwood book "How to Shield an Assassin is filled with all the things you need to make a book interesting. An interesting plot, excitement, crime, hot men, and something to pull at your heart strings.

Morgan Brice

Action, adventure and steam! A must-read!

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Fourth Point of Contact

Assassins. Unknown enemies sneaking inside the castle. Warden Sho Renjimantoro and General Arman Brahms are determined they'll survive it, but can they?

*PREVIEW that includes first two chapters.*


Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case

PREVIEW that includes first two chapters.

Companionable snark, Flirting, Kissing, Jon needs a hug, Donovan gives the best hugs, Getting together, Self-esteem issues, Explicit content, Anal Sex, Romantic Sex, Random shooting, Which Donovan isn’t happy about, Donovan is a gentleman, Sort of, Jon just makes it REALLY REALLY HARD Okay?, Bisexual character, Public displays of affection, Muscles, Communication, Healthy relationships, The fluff might fucking kill you, Supernatural elements, Modern with Magic, Feels, All the Feels, Mostly accurate medical stuff, Multiple electronics died in the creation of this story, blame Jon



The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 3: The Pound Dilemma

"I’ve got this.”
Translated: Ross certainly did not have this, but be prepared to be thoroughly entertained.

Werewolves kissing dogs, licking dogs, adopting all the dogs, alllllllll the dogs, werewolves at the pound is a TERRIBLE idea, Ross needs a drink, is it too late to quit?, vampire knight-to-the-rescue, poor cat, poor Ross, church grims, no dogs were harmed in the making of this installment, Glenn is Alpha


The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 7: Come, My Minion, Leave Your Master Alone

Ross has lost count of how many first date attempts he and Glenn have made. Death has been promised to the next clan-mate who interrupts them, but you can't kill Mom. Though she just might kill Ross.

It's a good thing Glenn is cute.

Tags: Mama comes calling, yes that’s about as bad as it sounds, Ross doesn’t want a minion, he gets one anyway, marriage proposals, Ross has offended the dating gods somehow


The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 4: This Is Not the Dog You're Looking For

Dunham goes missing, the werewolf pack looses their cool, and Ross is far too sleep-deprived for this nonsense.

punchdrunk Ross, 'wolves are not discrete, at all, Ross is just done, his bed is calling, pink sparkly collars, Fuckery Department, Dunham will be paying for this, Glenn is going to have WORDS with his clan


The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 8: Tis The Season To Be Outed

This is NOT how Ross intended to come out to his mom. Gay or Supernatural. Good thing she's a Young.

holiday celebrations, lots of them, Ross is outed, in more ways than one, accepting family, Glenn is a good boyfriend, Ross is ready for the holidays to be over please and thank you,


The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 5: Welcome to My Lair

The clan's haunted house is finally open for Halloween, and everyone couldn't be more excited. Even Ross is excited, and he's certainly enjoying the screams and cursing coming from within the haunted house.

What he does NOT enjoy, however, is being bait.

Haunted house, vampires need glitter, Ross and Glenn have a moment, feeeeeeelings, Annabella has to die, high wizards, supernats LOVE Halloween, screams of terror, are the best kind of screams, supernats are good at their job for once, Phil Coulson, plot?!, *gasp*



The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 6: Wizards Gone Wild

Ross is no wilting damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued—though he won't lie: the idea of Glenn as a white knight does things to him—and therefore he has plans on how to escape. It’s a good thing Glenn does show up because there are...complications along the way.

the approximate trajectory of the plot is crack to angst to fluff, Escape first, cuddle upset vampire later, High wizards with bad tempers, forced marriage, really??, Werewolves ready for war, multiple car crashes, what’s a landline?, Ross makes a move!, finally!



The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 9: All You Need is a Bedsheet

Glenn maaaaaaaaybe has a little problem he needs help solving. So he calls in the expert, who is nothing like what Ross expected. Good thing Ross knows how to roll with the strange by now.

Tags: Glenn is embarrassed, Ross is delighted, love letters that should not be seen, vampires were emo, who knew?, help comes with bedsheets, crossover


The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: Incident 1: Definitely Not Paid Enough For This

“Company policy forbids me from accepting power from customers in exchange for any product on the shelves, my blood, my soul, or my firstborn child…”

Poor put upon retail workers, Ross didn’t deserve this, Fate is cruel, so am I, sexy vampires, Australian wizards, supernats love energy drinks for some reason, the trauma of changing jobs, crack, so much crack, not a single degree of chill from Glenn where Ross is concerned, slow burn, only one gas station was harmed in the making of this story