Teen & Young Adult


J.R Foxx

This book is well written and the cover is amazing.

Melinda R. Cordell

Sweet! This looks like a good read.

G.O. Turner

Love your cover art. Full of mood fitting to such a tale. Will be curious to see what's inside.

D. B. Goodin

From deep world building to immersive storytelling. Traitor promises a grand adventure that readers want to experience.

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Traitor (A Crown of Lilies #1)

The House of Lazerin is filled with secrets - the kind that end in ruin.

Elivya wants what every noble son takes for granted: strength, respect, and the right to wield a blade. But her duty to her House has always come first, and the only way to save her family from ruin is to accept the role she was born into. Go to Court. Find a husband. Produce an heir.

Within the castle's marble halls, secrets are currency and new courtiers are a form of sport. Her mother's unconventional lessons keep Elivya one step ahead of the competition, but playing the game of courtship is not without its risks. The capital is full of spies and some are playing for much higher stakes than hearts and reputations. A single misstep can destroy a noble House - or a nation.