Grew up in Allentown, PA many years ago. Glad I got out. Thank the Navy for that. Retired, but not (mentally) tired. Passions: Math, Physics, good literature, good friends and pool when I'm on. Used to wrestle.
Jobs: Developed the Dept of Transportation Airport Noise Model back in the 70s. Did Math research and teaching a few years. 20 years in network engineering.
Finally have time to jot down a few thoughts. First book "Wrong Turn At Antares" started in the 80s playing with a new toy, my Apple II+ with Pie. Over the years reworked when idle.
Having fun in Chicago now.


Other (Fiction)
Science Fiction


D. B. Goodin

Looks like a fun science fiction read. has a different and engaging cover, but the title is a bit hard to read. I look forward to checking it out.

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Wrong Turn At Antares

The Federation of United Planets (FUP) report on developing planets gave Earth low scores, but Stella wasn't buying any of it. In fact, she believed that FUP got it all wrong, confusing strengths and weaknesses. Stella had learned a lot about Earth by watching sitcoms wafting about in space and was convinced Earth had exactly what was needed to save her dying home planet. She just needed to visit Earth and recruit a team of saviors.