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Joshua Landeros

I find this cover striking and the opening quote from Einstein really sets the tone.

Axl Blaze

Agatha is different, avoiding water and experiencing mysterious, unaccounted-for days. With her oilskin umbrella and waterproof shoes, she navigates her peculiar life. "Agatha's Story" is a preview of the Thea Dora Trilogy, beginning with "Beyond The Shining Portals."

Sally Feng

I'll definitely check out that one. The Udemy course also sounds good!

Ian McFarlane

I love the premise of someone with an aversion to water

Alex Evans

A great Viking legend!

Alex Thornbury

I love a well written, intriguing and entertaining story, such as this one. A great diverting read with a voice and style of a folklore tale. At around 20 pages, it's a perfect time filler over lunch or on a train ride.

A.R. Grosjean

Interesting. I love Albert Einstein's addition to the blurb. Creative on the author's part. The story itself sounds intriguing. And the cover looks amazing!

Austin Dragon

Looks interesting!

Elsa Joseph

Can’t wait to read more work from this author.

Mark J. Donovan

Intriguing tale. Great dark fairy tale with imaginative world and compelling characters

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The A-Z of Self Publishing

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The Pulcher's Last Dance

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
- Albert Einstein

The Pulcher, the most beautiful bird in the world, is arrogant and cruel. But when he tries to bully a tiny she-sparrow, he meets his match.

“Don’t henpeck me you unpleasant little avian!” the Pulcher trilled.

The she-sparrow flies north to the Scottish Highlands to find the She-Eagle. When she returns she gives the Pulcher one last chance.

“Apologise? I’d rather eat thistles!”

Justice is about to be done but there’s a twist in the tail.

This is a complete story.

If you enjoy it, follow the author on Amazon and check out his other books.



The Sailor and the Sea Queen

A mystical tale set in Devon UK.
A powerful female spirit is angered by a father's lack of care for his daughter and determines to make or break him.
- A weather-beaten road ran the length of the moor. In fine weather, Jago and his daughter would take a shortcut along a sheep run, but they never left the road after dark, for it was said.
"Those who stray by night will forever dwell in night."
Then there were the moor-folk. Outlandish people who, it was whispered, stole uncared-for children. The children were never seen again, except in dreams where they wept always.

From the book 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor'

The follow up book 'Richman Poorman Beggarman Thief' is here