Born in a province known for butterfly knives, strong coffee and feisty people; raised in a mixed background of agriculture and industry. Her childhood was a combination of rural and urban. By three, she had acquired an incurable reading habit.

As a child, she was a woodland spirit with the power to absorb energy from nature. As a teenager, she had to resort to writing tearful poetry to balance her otherwise happy social life.

One grandfather nurtured her with stories of myths, legends and fantastical beings; another took her trekking. She collected fairy tales, wrote poetry and short stories, and developed an affinity for herbs, spices and trees.

She became an entrepreneur and a proud sales professional when she grew up but remains a storyteller to her core. She finally stopped dillydallying and answered her calling to become a writer. Now responds to Oz Mari G., her pen name.

She has also written two business books, in 2017, Fueled by Fear, Fortified by Pride, Powered by Logic, and in 2018, Virtual Real Estate Made Easy. Both books were published in Amazon UK under her professional name, Grace Barbara Granlund.


Teen & Young Adult


Asher Sharol

The enchanting cover captivated me, but it is the blurb that made me interested in reading. I'm a sucker for names, so I'm itching to find out exactly what the Viscerebus are and what fate has in store for the Erdia and the Iztari.

Chris Baum

Great cover, and the description sounds like a fun and adventurous intermingling of social barriers that are waiting to be broken. It has me intrigued!

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The Lair of Shadows and Light

They were nine, trained under a mighty chief, the head disciple of the goddess Lakapati, the de-facto leader of the corporeal realm. Then one had turned traitor, costing their chief’s life.

Now, leaderless and with a host of tasks to perform — their responsibilities to the mortals of Sansinukob and the elementals of Hiwagaan, and fulfilling their departed chief’s last wishes — they face more challenges than they can handle.

On one hand, is their traitorous campmate who reemerges stronger.

On another, the constant attacks of Sitan’s servants — deadly entities they are not taught to fight.

Then, unbeknownst to them, their only hope to even the odds — their elemental guides, allies who wield the power of the universe, are weakened by their old nemesis.

The result is devastating. To them, and to their world.



Dark Allies Dark Adversaries

Orphaned, bullied, & threatened with exorcism, Beliza flees her village despite having nowhere to go. She encounters a mysterious woman who entices her to search for answers about her bizarre experiences.

Together with eight others, Beliza finds herself in training to be a conduit between the intertwined ethereal & corporeal realms.

For someone who had nothing, she can now wield the power over light & dark. And fighting beings as dark & dangerous as her own childhood traumas.