Kaje Harper

BA Tortuga writes wonderful cowboys with the heat and dust and sweat and atmosphere of the ranch and the range, and strong men finding the love they deserve.

Jodi Payne

Nobody writes cowboys with kids like BA Tortuga. This second chance romance has all the feels and packs some heat too! Austin and Jim will warm you up and melt your heart. Highly recommended.

Rachel Ember

Fun, sexy, and includes cowboys--who could ask for anything more?!

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Shock and Joy

If Bonner knows anything, it's that rodeo cowboys don't belong on skis, a fact that proves itself all over again when he crashes into someone on the bunny slope. He's worried he's hurt somebody, or that he'll get his butt kicked, until he realizes he's taken down his old college roommate, Jared.

Rock star Jared can't believe Bonner has crossed his path, literally, but he's excited to get to know his favorite cowboy again. Things have changed for both of them, though, and they have a lot to learn about each other. Will Bonner's kids, or Jared's rock star life, be a deal-breaker?


Stress Relief

Amos thinks he's gotten away from it all, heading off to the wilderness after the wild life in the city leads him right into an early retirement. Dave thinks he's gotten over Amos, moving on with his life and driving himself to success at all costs. They've gone their separate ways, and think they're happy with what they've made of their lives. So what happens when these two meet up on Dave's long overdue vacation, forced on him by his personal assistant? Sparks fly, that's what, and the two of them set about learning that maybe they hadn't gotten over each other as well as they thought. Moving from the rugged Colorado mountains to the bright lights of the big city and back again, Stress Relief follows Dave and Amos as they learn that they can balance two very different lives.