One summer, not so long ago, Slade James started writing gay romance, turned fifty, and met the love his life. (In that order, in a matter of weeks!)
Slade and his partner, Stevie, live in a magical land in the American Southeast where three states converge. They call it “GeorBamaSee." They can be found playing disc golf in the parks, hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the creeks, and living in their own real life romance.




Rachel Ember

I cannot say enough about Slade’s stories—he crafts fully realized characters with heart and soul, and conveys a depth of realistic emotion in a way few authors can.

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The Day Pass

A Meet Cute with Muscle

It's just supposed to be one day at the men's campground—a few hours by the pool, a few beers before I have to go to work... maybe a little semi-anonymous quickie.

Living in the Boonies, I don't have a lot of opportunities to get lucky with other men.

Now, I'm making out with my bodybuilder fantasy come to life, he's looking at me like he's the lucky one, and it feels like this could be something more than a hookup.

I don't want this day to end.

How do I say goodbye to someone I only just met and already never want to leave?

The Day Pass is a 6,400-word short story from the Bear Camp series, featuring men in their fifties, size difference, and a tattoo that's a cosmic sign. It can be read as a standalone.