Teen & Young Adult


Spencer Russell Smith

Every line of Clair Gardenwell's carefully crafted blurb makes you angry that you're not all ready pages-deep into Swept Away. And if that wasn't enough...Eight legs? Well, now I've got to read this!

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Foxgloves Are For Deception

Regina Laelia shouldn't be alive. A princess cursed at birth to have her body consumed with dark magic, the war torn kingdom of Lyquriz was told she died at birth, but the truth is she lived. But fate can't be avoided for long as the dark hand of her mother, the Evil Queen so feared that none will say her name, once again interrupts her life. Now fleeing from the death bounty placed on her head and joined by a rescued baby dragon, her childhood best friend turned doctor, and a blind ex-knight who seems determined to protect her no matter the cost. It takes everything she has not to fall prey to the tantalizing tangle of magic that calls for blood at every turn, but she has to learn to wield it or lose everyone she holds dear.