Hope is a M/M Romance author, writing paranormal and shifter romance with romantic comedy vibes. She is an absolute believer in true love and lives for those HEAs.

You can expect a big helping of Body Positivity from Hope’s stories. Every body is beautiful and Hope loves writing about men who learn that they are sexy and worthy… and find just the right person to prove it to them.

When writing alpha/omega gay romance, she likes to play with stereotypes and gender expectations. She loves a soft-hearted alpha and a bossy omega.

In her fantasy romances, Hope can’t help but write about shifters, magic, fated mates and found families. Her stories have lots of heat and lots of heart.


Humor & Entertainment


Zarah Detand

Funny and quirky narration voice that immediately pulled me into the story. A sweet and humourous take on the genie trope, really enjoyed it!

Saga Nansen

Although I usually have a hard time getting into stories with a first person narrator, this story really hooked me. Pat is such a sweetheart and his genie is an adorable grump. Plus, the story managed to surprise me. I couldn't put it down.

Amithia Raine

Oh my freaking God. This was so good! I got hooked from the third page -- this dry humor is right up my alley and gosh, Jordan was so grumpy and annoyed, I utterly loved him. And Pat! Such a sweetie with a heart of gold. I could've read 200k of this. Absolutely checking the rest of Hope's books.

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Alpha's First Time

Bonus short story for ALPHA’S TWO OMEGAS in the SWEET IN SILFORD series.

Ty is happier than ever, being with the two omegas he loves. Ronnie is flourishing in their relationship and Alder… he’s up to something.

When Alder offers Ronnie a ‘reward’, Ty knows that he’s somehow going to be implicated in this. And he’s going to love it.

See what Alder has planned for his two partners tonight.

This is a short m/m/m romance featuring established characters. High heat, a first time and the heart-melting sweetness you’ve come to expect from Hope Bennett.

Enjoy reading x


Omega's Night Out

Bonus short story for OMEGA’S SWEET OMEGA in the SWEET IN SILFORD series.

Richard has been invited to a house party by an alpha. He can’t even remember the alpha’s name, because his mind is so preoccupied with the sweet omega of his dreams. Still, he said he’d go to this party so he will, and he’ll drag Simon along with him.

After all, Simon is his best friend. He’ll keep Richard out of trouble…

A fluffy and funny slice-of-life story with all of the heart-warming feels you’ve come to expect from Hope Bennett.

Enjoy reading x


Alpha's New Family

Bonus epilogue for OMEGA’S STUDY PARTNER in the SWEET IN SILFORD series.

Simon is living his best life with his new family. Angelo is more loving than Simon could have dreamed, their beautiful baby girl is growing up happy and Simon’s best friend is close by.

One of the greatest things? His omega is never boring. In fact, Angelo has another surprise for him…

Their family just keeps on growing.

This is a short m/m romance featuring established characters. Sweet and funny, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from Hope Bennett.

Enjoy reading x


Omega's Big Day

Sutton can’t believe the omega of his dreams said yes. He and Jared are starting a whole new chapter of their lives together, and Sutton couldn’t be happier.

Jared has been looking forward to his wedding for months now. He’s managed to be patient so far but he's one omega who always goes after what he wants…

This is a bonus epilogue following on from Omega’s Shy Alpha, in which Jared and Sutton finally tie the knot (no pun intended). It’s short, sweet and spicy.

This is an alpha/omega mm romance which contains explicit language and scenes.

Enjoy reading x


Playing with Seren

Dane can’t wait to show Seren how happy he can be with the Hoskins clan. He wants to give Seren the world, starting with some family time with Dane’s cousins. They’re off to their private beach to play some team games and get to know each other.

Seren is excited to be playing a game. His first ever one. Now that he’s a Hoskins, he’ll have to get used to all this fun they have. And the fact that his mate is there, taking care of him, just makes it all better. That doesn’t mean Seren’s going to leave his competitive streak at the door, though. He’s got a lot to prove to his new clan, after all.

A m/m romance between two newly-mated dragon shifters.

PLAYING WITH SEREN is a 5,500-word bonus short story in the Dragon’s Mate series. It’s intended to be read after Heart of Fire.


Alpha's Silver Fox

Bonus epilogue for ALPHA’S OMEGA PROFESSOR in the SWEET IN SILFORD series.

After his ordeal with a masked mugger on campus, Waggoner is fully recovered and finally back at work teaching the subject he loves… and the man he loves.

Liam is sitting in the front row of his Physics class, listening to his clever omega talk all sciency. There’s nowhere else he’d rather be. After all, he has been known to, ahem, enjoy Waggoner’s classes a little too much. And if Liam has his way, Waggoner’s about to enjoy that class a whole lot more, too.

See what protective alpha Liam has planned for his sexy older omega.

This is a short story featuring established characters. High heat, knotting, a few fantasies played out and the heart-melting sweetness you’ve come to expect from Hope Bennett.

Enjoy reading x


Meeting the In-Laws

Prince is about to meet Darren’s family for the first time. He wants so badly to impress his new in-laws-by-mating. If only he weren’t such a disaster! He’s just so desperate to make Darren proud to be mated to him.

There’s nothing that makes Darren prouder than seeing his claiming bite on Prince’s neck. He knows his family will love his mate – what’s not to love about such a sweet dragon? Now if only he can convince Prince that he’s perfect just the way he is.

To dragons – and especially gentle Prince – family is the most important thing in the world. That’s why he has to make a good first impression. It’s a shame that he’s guaranteed to trip right over. But luckily his mate is there to catch him. Gargoyles are born to protect those they love, after all.

An age gap mm romance between an adorable dragon shifter and a protective older gargoyle.

A 12,000-word story in the DRAGON’S MATE series, Meeting the In-Laws is a follow-on story from Protecting Prince.

Enjoy reading x


Morgan's Magic

Morgan is worried about using his magic. He doesn’t want to hurt someone (someone else, that is – Lew assures him that Dum doesn’t count). But with his dragon suddenly so vocal inside him and his magic bursting out of him, how can he hope to control it?

Lew just wants to make Morgan happy. When Morgan needs reassurance, Lew is there to provide it. And, bonus, he gets to watch his mate being amazing.

If only Morgan could see himself the way Lew sees him. Luckily, Morgan’s learning a lot about his true nature and there’s nothing his dragon can’t do while his fated mate is beside him.

A mm romance between newly mated dragon shifters.

A 7,000-word story in the DRAGON’S MATE series, Morgan’s Magic is a special bonus short story following on from Family of Fire and features an established couple.

Warning: contains explicit language and scenes.

Enjoy reading x