I'm a psychologist by day and M/M romance author by night.

I love dreaming up new worlds and wielding the power to give my characters the HEA that rewards their struggles.

There're too many genres I love to read and write, but paranormal and fantasy settings hold a special place in my heart.

In my work, I like to incorporate my fascination with all things Scandinavian, my favorite tropes like enemies to lovers and D/S, and a dash of action and adventure.

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Hope Bennett

When Rory is cursed by his girlfriend to haunt their remote farmhouse, he thinks he'll be stuck there forever as a ghost. But he hasn't reckoned on enigmatic ghost-hunter, Tapio.<br /> This is a spooky paranormal novella unlike anything I've read before. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of the rich Scandinavian folklore and we'll get so much more in the series. I'd definitely love to find out more about Tapio. The romance was actually really sweet and these two men take care of each other as they try to undo the curse that traps Rory.

Amithia Raine

As someone who normally isn't into ghosts and paranormal, I utterly devoured this. Tapio is as aloof and grumpy as they come, and watching him grow to care about Rory, the worst not-quite-ghost to ever ghost, was most entertaining.

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