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Broken From Parent Loss? Simple Secrets Of Navigating Grief, Building Resilience, Finding Hope & Comfort After The Loss Of Your Parent

Grief is the emotional reaction to loss, especially the loss of your mother or father, with whom you had a close attachment, affection and interaction. You might feel a wide range of challenging and unexpected feelings, such as bewilderment, remorse, fear, or extreme sadness. Loss's agonising pain might frequently seem unmanageable. Grief distress can also interfere with your physical well-being, making it challenging to do basic things like eating, sleeping, or even thinking clearly.

In this grief and loss book, you will discover the following simple secrets:
• The ways to navigate anticipatory grief in the weeks, months, or even years preceding the loss
• Transitioning from loss to grief
• Grief for children - what a grieving child might need
• The four grieving tasks - TEAR - in the mourning process
• The five stages of grief and how to find healing after loss
• Providing help and support to someone grieving
• Finding comfort and crawling out of the grief storm


5 Impactful Meditations To Change Your Life This Week

Meditation has many emotional and physical benefits which can include:
gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage your stress, increasing self-awareness and lots more.

In this 5-day meditation manual, you'll get:

- Support for coping through grief
- Reflection on some of your challenges
- Reflection on what inspires you
- Cultivate powerful self-motivation
- Dream and visualize your perfect life