Historical Fiction


John Hennessy

An author with some gravitas, Eugene Lloyd MacRae pulls you into his world from the first page, and refuses to let you leave. Engaging, enthralling, and exciting - an author to watch.

Trisha A. Lindsey

I LOVE this cover! Makes you want to jump into the mystery!

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Bodies are piling up on two continents. A serial killer is on the loose, killing at random, stabbing victims straight through the heart with an ancient weapon. When an arrest is made because of a DNA sample left at a crime scene, despite the overwhelming evidence, Private Investigator Rory Mack Steele is hired by the accused's family to find the truth. But the truth is poisoned by the distant past and a dark, hidden secret. A secret so painful it threatens to engulf thousands in agonizing and bloody death.



What would you do if your government labelled you as a terrorist? And you didn't know why! On the run from a massive manhunt, NSA employee Holly Rae Burnette finds herself living another nightmare - being hunted by men with machine guns who want only one thing - to kill her. Drawn into the chaos while working on another case, Private investigator Rory Mack Steele desperately battles to keep them both alive until they can solve the conspiracy or die in a hail of bullets.


Knights of the Golden Circle

They waited from the time of the Civil War for the South to rise again.They waited, watched, plotted and killed. They guarded buried treasure. In April 1865, as the end of the war neared, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, had the Confederate treasury and the wealth of several banks placed on special trains and moved from Richmond, Virginia into Georgia. Legend says The Knights of The Golden Circle buried the cargo, setting up elaborate signs leading to the treasure and they have guarded it ever since, willing to kill until the South can rise again. Finally the KGC is are ready to strike the White House. Only Rory Mack Steele stands in the way, drawn in to help two young children and two adults caught up innocently in the mad scheme to destroy the North.



King of the Bootleggers

Rocco and Besha DeLuca rise from grinding poverty to feed alcohol to the monsters of 1920s prohibition - Arnold 'The Brain' Rothstein, Joe Masseria, Bugsy Seigal, Dutch Schultz, Lucky Luciano, and the viscious duo of Johnny Torio and Al Capone - along with the many other ruthless American mobsters who fill their pockets with riches while blood stains their hands. But Rocco and Besha are no saints themselves. He's the muscle and she's the brains as they climb over the bodies to become king and queen of the bootleggers and rum-runners and create their Whiskey Empire.


The Chinese President

After seeing her best friend murdered, Candy Jossel is on the run to save her own life. And every time she reaches out for help, her nightmare deepens. Somehow she has stepped into a world of assassins, spies, murder and the corruption of the American political system. When private investigator Rory Mack Steele accidentally becomes involved, he and Candy enter into a life and death struggle against the shadowy, ruthless power behind it all. The Chinese president is a fast paced, political thriller that reaches all the way into the White House.