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Jade Alters

Love dragons. Looking forward to reading this.

Redginald Abercrombie

This is the first dragon story that really appealed to me. The interaction between Dauria and Graayyya is believable and heart-warming. The story has just the right amount of plot-driven suspense and character-driven emotion. Now I'm going back for Book 1 and look forward to whatever comes next.

J. Elizabeth Vincent

Great cover!

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See through the eyes of dragons in this thrilling epic fantasy adventure.

Enter the mind of a villain bent on the destruction of the human race.

In the days before the Long Sleep, Sura counsels war against Humankind as a matter of draconic survival.

But Graayyya, a garnet wyrm raised by metallics, thwarts him at every turn.

When the human kings demand too much of the dragons, Sura finds an unexpected ally that brings him one step closer to victory.

But with the Council of Elders against him, time is running out. Where will he find the support he needs to take control of the council and bring war to Humankind?


Metal and Stone part II: Fire and Ice

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In a future Earth where dragons rule and humanity is all-but destroyed...

A Prophecy. A Conflicted Dragon. And an impossible quest...

The Great Dragon War has ended, but tensions among dragons are higher than ever.

Dauria, now older and wiser, joins her long-time companion Graayyya in a quest she doesn't believe in to the frozen reaches of Antarctica in search of a hidden power that could change everything.

If you love stories about dragons as (or more) flawed and conflicted as any human, if you enjoy rapid, page-turning suspense on the backdrop of dragon-centric contemporary fantasy, download your copy of Fire and Ice today!


The Fall of an Overlord: Prologue

David Jenner has always known in his heart there was something fundamentally wrong with the way his fellow men treated Mother Earth. Years ago, he dropped everything and moved into a cabin in the woods, eschewing nearly all modern convenience to live the way he feels man should.

There's just one problem.

Mankind has forgotten their supernatural guardians from eons past, and those guardians are about to return. This time, however, protecting man is not their objective.


Rise of the Overlord

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Enter a world where the cost of magic is life itself and two races are locked in an ages-long conflict built on the lies of the gods.
Vilhelm was taken for training before he could walk. Battle is all he knows. When he’s sent on a secret mission across the sea, with enemies on all sides, he begins to question everything.
Loyyul doesn’t care about being a warrior or a hero. He only wants to make his family proud. But when he comes face-to-face with his race’s two oldest enemies, he must make an impossible choice.
When the prophesied Calamity strikes, can mortal enemies overcome their inborn hatred and join together to save their world?


The Fall of an Overlord

In a world ruled by immense dragon overlords, is freedom a long-lost dream?

When Khell, a crippled dragon determined to free his people from the tyranny of his Overlord, meets with other rebels from his master’s domain, a twist of fate forces him into a betrayal that propels him, and his allies, into a war they aren’t ready for.

Even worse, win or lose, the whole gamble could be for naught if the other Overlords learn of the rebellion.

With not only their freedom and their lives, but the very souls of thousands hanging in the balance, Khell and his allies are forced to make an impossible choice.

If you’ve been waiting for a story about dragons as (or more) flawed and conflicted as any human, if you enjoy rapid, page-turning suspense on the backdrop of post-apocalyptic fantasy, then