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David Hailwood

That's a very striking and beautifully illustrated cover.

Carissa Andrews

Wow! What a unique and awesome looking cover. Definitely drew me in!

R.K. Appling

Very intriguing cover that stood out right away! I look forward to finding out what happens!

Midwest Classics Press

Kistishi Island draws you into the teen age rebellion and independence of a young woman searching for her Mom and finding that her imaginary friends are truly real - but only by flying on her own to an island that doesn't like visitors or archaeologists like her Mom. And so they are constantly trying to get her to go back to her Aunt, who doesn't really understand. The secrets she finds are hidden from all but a few natives - and it's her that has to save everything, even it if means putting her own life at risk and those of her new-found island friends... Great stuff! <br /> <br /> Claim Your Copy Now. Really. Don't miss out...

Joshua Landeros

Among a sea of books with familiar premises, this one offer something fresh.

Wayne Meyers

The cover really caught my eye, and the premise sounds very unique and interesting. Makes me want to know more.

K.D. Ritchie

Wow, the cover really draws me in!

Midwest Journal Press

Jordan Elisabeth's Kistishi Island is an awesome Young Adult page-turner. I found myself opening it every chance I could in order to find out what happens next. The paranormal "invisible friends" are something we probably have all experienced, but not with the intrigue that the Island setting involves us in. <br /> <br /> Which means I'm looking forward to other books by her...

K.L. Young

Intriguing blurb! Can't wait to read!

Caroline A. Gill

Love Young Adult fantasy and this one fits the bill! What a great adventure for Honoria and the reader. Madness and witches and one girl's quest to save them all. loved it!

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Treasure Darkly

Seventeen-year-old Clark Treasure assumes the drink he stole off the captain is absinthe… until the chemicals in the liquid give him the ability to awaken the dead.

A great invention for creating perfect soldiers, yes, but Clark wants to live as a miner, not a slave to the army—or the deceased. On the run, Clark turns to his estranged, mining tycoon father for help. The Treasures welcome Clark with open arms, so he jumps at the chance to help them protect their ranch against Senator Horan, a man who hates anyone more powerful than he.

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Runners and Riders

Juliet loved growing up at the seaside. She never expected her seaman father to inherit a fortune and move the family to New Addison City. Suddenly her mother is a socialite and Juliet is best friends with a strong-willed girl who actually likes her. When Juliet’s new friend welcomes her to the Runners, a gang that has plagued the East Coast for years, Juliet sees it as the opportunity to fit in, learn tricks, and make eyes at one of the hottest members. What the gang does isn’t really wrong…right? She’s used to being a pawn for the Runners, but she starts to question what she sees as harmless fun when the gang uses her to attack a young officer.

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Kistishi Island

Serena Cole can kick serious butt thanks to young women only she can see. School bullies aren’t a problem, but Serena’s mental health might be. To shield Serena from a dark secret, her family tries to convince her that her friends are imaginary.

Fleeing her distrustful aunt, Serena joins her mother on an archaeological dig at Kistishi Island. There, Serena discovers an ancient scroll and realizes her invisible friends are goddesses native to the island, and they are in danger of enslavement for their abilities. Only Serena can save her friends if she can discover the past her family has hidden her entire life – the reason why only she can see the goddesses.