"An author emerges from the depths of Minnesotan waters. Sci-fi/Fantasy is my pen of choice."

Carissa Andrews is a Minnesota-based genre bending author who writes a combination of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia. When not writing her own books, she's busy reading them.

Carissa's international bestselling trilogy, The Pendomus Chronicles, is now in digital, print, and audiobook formats. She has hit the scene as an up and coming speculative fiction author who uses a mix of scifi and fantasy, twisted in modern mythology and alternative history. Check out Oracle, The Final Five, and her 2019 anthology submission Love is a Merciless God, found only in the Playing with Fire Box Set!

Carissa has big plans for 2019. Her supernatural thriller Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds is in the works, as is her new series, The Windhaven Witches.

For more information on their release, visit Carissa Andrews' author website: and sign up for her newsletter notifications.

She lives in central Minnesota with her husband and brood of five kids.

Carissa is also a freelance graphic designer, writer and content creator, social media manager, and marketing professional. She writes consistently on topics of science, technology, art, writing, photography, graphic design, health, self improvement, and more. Her articles can be found published across the interwebs. Carissa is also a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, and can be contacted for freelancing opportunities:


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Javier D. Esteban

It looks like behind this title a really intriguing story is waiting to be discovered.

Rebecca Bosevski

I was intrigued by this cover and further driven to take a look after reading the description. Do yourself a favour and start the adventure today.

Sandeep Chakraborty

I loved this book, I already read it it...keep going awsome

Stacey Trombley

I love Carissa Andrews voice! Her characters are relateable and fun to read.

Adison Runberg

This is an incredible book. The world building is beautiful and the story is quite compelling. I highly recommend this book to young adult readers!

Wayne Meyers

I love this cover. The blurb is very interesting and should catch the attention of the target demographic. Looks like an interesting, exciting read.

Shereen Vedam

Love a mystery and fantasy combination and Carissa does a superb job in this book.

Nadine Thirkell

This sounds really cool - I love the psychic angle!

William C. Tracy

I love the cover on this one!

Leon Cameron

The cover, book description and opening chapters draw you right into an epic world with believable characters, amazing world building and a sharp plot. Put this next on your summer reading queue!

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Awakening: Chapters 1-3 Sample

The multiverse is in shambles and the darkness is coming for them. Five angels have to pull a course correction—but they have to all agree first.

Morgan’s been a psychic, tasked with awakening angels in her dimension for the past twenty years. Finding this purpose and calling was a blessing… and a curse. She never expected it would lead her to a single supernatural suicide mission to save all of creation, with the final five angels at her side.

All they have to do is figure out the missing piece and how their individual angelic gifts fit together. Too bad their humanity is clouding their judgment and none of them can get on the same page long enough to make a coordinated plan.

If they fail, existence ceases.


Author Impostor

Do you struggle with calling yourself an author? Do you feel like a fraud, even though you have a book or two under your belt?

This is Author Impostor Syndrome at its best.

In order to overcome the mental setback of Author Impostor Syndrome, we need to set the record straight.

In this book, you'll learn:
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Love is a Merciless God

When Guardian Angel, Evangeline, fell in love with her human charge, Liam, she never expected it to come with such a high price. She was perfectly fine watching his life from a distance, but when Liam prays for guidance and he can suddenly hear her, Evangeline can’t help but confess her love.

However, there are laws in place strictly separating the affections of humans and angels—and Evangeline knows it. If the Guild found out about her love, she could be sent to Purgatory—or worse.

Unfortunately for them both, Liam’s prayer opened him up to more than just hearing Evangeline. All the demons in the known universe come calling to answer his prayer and one of them overheard Evangeline’s confession. Unless she can stop the demon from turning them in, it will mean the end of everything.


The Final Five

A witch, an angel, and an oracle. Three souls with one destiny: Find the Final Five.

Who said finding the remaining five protectors was going to be easy? As it turns out, it's going take more than I ever thought possible. It's going to take an Oracle with some kickass gifts and a plan to even locate him or her. I just hope I can do it before it's too late.


The Final Five is a bridge novelette spanning across both the worlds of Oracle and Awakening...bringing the two together.


Oracle Chapters 1-3 Sample

Even the most powerful psychic in the world can have her blind spots.

For the past two-thousand and some odd years, Diana Hawthorne has always been able to see the past, present, and future with near perfect accuracy. Her only blind spot has been herself.

Then she met Blake Wilson.

Not only is he another blind spot—he’s also a Private Investigator hired to disprove her abilities in order to protect some missing girls they were both tasked with finding. With her psychic gifts on the fritz whenever Blake’s around, everything Diana’s fighting for starts to unravel.

Can Diana get over her deficiencies and show Blake how gifted she really is? Or will she let the callings of her ancient past cloud her judgment and derail her mission?

Either way, lives hang in the balance.



Polarities (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 2) - Chapters 1-3 Sample

Runa, the prophesied Daughter of Five needs to learn how to master herself, or all of Pendomus will perish.

Separated from the only people who’ve had her back—as well as the love of her life, Traeton—Runa must go on a quest alone to uncover what it means to be human, as well as the Daughter of Five. Dropped in an unknown location, presumably still on the planet, she only has a monolithic book — the Caudex — as her guide, but it’s not giving up its answers easily. Will she be able to uncover the mysteries? The fate of the entire word rests on her shoulders & her ability to push through all of the challenges set her way.

Will she learn what she needs to step into her role as savior? Or will everything be derailed by her desire to get back to her friends?

Book 2 of the Pendomus Chronicles


Trajectory: A Pendomus Chronicles Prequel

THE PREQUEL to the #1 International Amazon Bestseller, Pendomus...
In order to be nudged toward their ultimate destinies—Runa Cophem and Traeton Revasco had to break ranks from what they already knew. Set a year before the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Pendomus, this prequel grounds you in the world of Pendomus, while setting you up for the wild ride ahead.

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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - Chapters 1-3 Sample

A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance.

There are a lot of things I wish I’d known earlier—but three top my “wow, she was naïve” list.

First—there are others on Pendomus.

Second—a prophecy is in motion & I hold the key to the survival of literally everything.

Third—I'm being hunted by a madman who is desperately trying to wipe me from existence.

So yeah, no pressure.


If you like Maze Runner, or The Hunger Games, then you’ll love Carissa Andrews’ Pendomus Chronicles.

Download the first three chapters of Pendomus today and dive headlong into this action-packed dystopian series brimming with mystery, magic, and suspense.