R. A. Steffan began writing for pleasure in 2005. After honing her skills for a few years in amateur circles, she eventually transitioned into freelance nonfiction writing and ghostwriting professionally published short fiction.

Since moving into serialized stories and novel-length works, she has found the experience of wrangling more extended and intricate plot lines - along with a larger cast of characters - to be educational, frustrating, and fulfilling by turns. With luck, the end result will prove to be an enjoyable experience for readers.

When not writing, the author enjoys reading, horseback riding, walking her dogs, and raising a small backyard flock of ducks.


Historical Fiction
Science Fiction


Aidy Award

This cover caught my attention! I love the last line of the blurb that a vampire doesn't get paid enough to deal with all the carp he's being dealt.

SCCunningham Books

Love the sound of this one; barbaric aliens, remote lunar outposts, deadly bio-weapons and a dangerous alien fugitive with eyes of an Angel. Can't wait.

Lola Andrews

This sounds like an instant favorite! Putting it in my to read list!

Clare London

Loved this story, great tension between them :)

C.A. Worley

I read Book 1 of this series back in March and loved it! Can't wait to read Book Zero!

Alexa Quinn

Sounds awesome - and it's great that there is free audiobook access!

Allyson Lindt

RA Steffan is an auto one-click for me, and Circle of Blood Book Zero is another fantastic reason why. Great story mixed with swoony romance.

Mina Maia

Great writing and interesting worldbuilding!

D.F. Jones

Love your cover!

Chace Verity

I absolutely adore The Horse Mistress series! Steffan tackles gender feels so well.

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Antithesis: Love and War, Book 0 (Sci-fi Romance Prequel - short read)

They're fighting the same battle. They just don't know it yet.

Skye Chantrell’s scientist father is about to become responsible for genocide. Now he wants her to help him stop it. Which is, well, basically the stupidest idea in the history of ideas.

Because Skye is not a soldier. She’s not a spy. She’s an accountant, and she has absolutely no clue where to even start with this cloak-and-dagger stuff.

Hunter Tarthasian, on the other hand, knows all about cloak-and-dagger. As the Seven Systems’ most feared and hated criminal, he lives it every day of his life.

Too bad Skye’s father didn’t call Hunter first. Or maybe not, since Hunter is currently trapped in an abandoned warehouse, surrounded by Regime goons intent on blasting his brains out.


Circle of Blood Book Zero with FREE Audiobook Access (Paranormal romance short read/series prequel)

Vampires, werewolves, and voodoo—talk about a match made in hell.

All Xander wanted was a quiet evening in New Orleans with his blood donor—er... date—and maybe a pleasant secondhand buzz from all the alcohol and MDMA floating around in the unsuspecting woman’s bloodstream.

What he got was a werewolf abduction, an unconscious teenager with blue hair and piercings, and an eccentric octogenarian voodoo mambo priestess with an attitude. It’s a good thing he’s a patient man, because he seriously does not get paid enough to deal with this kind of shit while he’s sober.


The Horse Mistress: Book 0 with Free Audiobook Access (steamy M/M fantasy shifter romance)

Andoc had just become an apprentice warrior in the Bronze Age village of Draebard when the skinny eunuch with the wild, desperate eyes wandered into town.

He was far too busy to deal with someone as prickly and irritating as the mysterious Senovo. Even though Senovo was strikingly easy on the eyes. Even though the old High Priest seemed to be going out of his way to throw the two of them together.

Nope... Andoc was not remotely intrigued by the angry and beautiful young man. Not even a little bit.

Authors Note: This book contains descriptions of graphic sex, including sex between men and elements of consensual BDSM. Additionally, it deals with issues of gender identity. It is intended for a mature audience.