Evelina Everest is a tween to teen fantasy author. Ever since she discovered the summer reading program, she's been unstoppable. After all, if books contain worlds, she's pretty much an intergalactic traveler, right?

When she's not visiting other worlds or inventing her own, Evelina enjoys drinking too much coffee, playing her trombone, and petting her four fur babies. You can learn more about her work at


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Jen Finelli

What an absolutely beautiful cover, reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

Lexy Timms

The cover drew me in, the story stole my day ! Fantasy, YA, and paranormal with hint of romance that doesn't take from the story. Well written and entertaining!

Asher Sharol

The bewitching cover caught my wandering eyes, and gladly, the blurb matched the magic promised. Somehow, the mention of a nexus of worlds where an inquisitive barista meets a heartbroken nymph is so peculiar that the story demands to be read. It would be fine if that was where it ended, but alas, witches and magic are thrown into this hot brew! If that doesn't sound like the perfect storm, I don't know what does.

Rebecca Bosevski

Everest is a talented author who delivers a fantastic story in Seven Crowns. Rich in action and adventure, this story is not one to miss.

Melissa Ragland

Beautiful cover! This sounds like an exciting read!

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Seven Crowns

A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.

Sixteen-year-old Ana is far from royalty. She’s a foster kid with a dead mom and a deadbeat dad. The only thing she wants is to escape—her hometown and her grief.

Ana’s plans are derailed when she learns a dangerous family secret. She is the sole heir to a fallen dynasty on a world where seven families share the crown. Her family was murdered one by one, leaving six families to rule. Now, someone knows Ana’s location. With assassins closing in, Ana’s life and the crown are at stake.

With the help of a handsome hobo, Ana escapes to the place where it all began—a faraway world where magic and technology coexist. Ana must navigate a tangled web of friends and foes to unmask her would-be assassin before it's too late.