I'm a young author from Chicago, I'm hoping to bring some new heat and sizzle to the romance genre.

My favorite genres are paranormal and dark romance. I love reading a good book but I'm so busy in life that I only get to enjoy audio books. Its the only way I can get lost in a good book nowadays. And you know what? I half prefer an audio book over print any day! I have a long standing membership at and I plan to publish audio books for busy bookworms like myself! Yay!

My love of writing started when a friend of mine encouraged me to write a short story and just see what happens. Turns out I had a knack for writing because everyone loved my short stories. From then on I have worked on improving my craft. Growing from flash fictions to novellas. I am really looking forward to sharing all the twisty goodness I have planned!

Thank you & Much love and Sizzle!
LaSasha Flame O X O X


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A.L. Williams

Love the cover and looks like something I can dig into :)

Anna Flakk

Nice cover! Sounds like a hot read!

Bantu Mukulu

this is a great work

Diedra Drake

Sounds great!

Andre Michael Pietroschek

Birth of the Sand Viper: Origins of Jafar by LaSasha Flame: My first association, even though the author announced romance-focus, was Prince of Persia video game meets a revival of the assassin Artemis Entrieri from the Dark Elf saga. <br /> <br /> This one starting with Jafar, the dark mage, or sorcerer, and how he became the antagonist he had been in the tale. I believe in this sand viper not being stillborn, and hope the author succeeds in his entire 13 books series!

Arabella Love

Wow! This sounds interesting!

Jacqueline Terrill

This story sounds daring, revengeful, with alot of pent up anger. Will Amaya plunge into a relationship? Strike back? Or call it even, and go with the flow?

Lilith Darville

ONE FORBIDDEN ENCOUNTER THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING!<br /> <br /> A submissive without a master,<br /> An invitation to an exclusive BDSM ball.<br /> A night of exploration with the devil and his friends.<br /> A night without rules, filled with dangerous games.<br /> Now she suffers the consequences...<br /> <br /> Pleasures and Punishments is part two of the Breaking duet. Part One is Part One is Breaking all the Rules by LaSasha Flame

Lola Andrews

Fuck the rules, indeed. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.

Ryli Jordan

Great cover!

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