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Other (Fiction)


Amy J. Heart

I adore this moody cover. So mysterious and intriguing! Great story. :)

Xen x Cole McCade

Lina writes unique characters with a particular poignant pull that can only come from the flawed but lovable. The struggles she gives her characters are real, real enough to empathize with, and she writes push-and-pull between reluctant love interests extremely well. Combine that with a talent for engaging dialogue and charmingly sweet scenarios grounded by just the right amount of angst, and you have a recipe for wonderful books from a wonderful author.

Rebecca Janet

This is Hot! :)

Chace Verity

Lina Langley's books are always a delight to read. Often starring unapologetically messy characters--who can resist?!

Sydney Blackburn

A poignant friends to lovers, with (literal) fireworks, love is like a phoenix rising from the ashes of broken dreams. Between the fragile new love between friends and the sudden opportunity that might drag them apart, this story really tugs the heartstrings.

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The Powerless: Part One

Teo didn’t think that he would find his Familiar. In fact, he thought that he was one of the only people in his village that wouldn’t have access to Power. When he turned nineteen, Teo was ready to move into the world of The Powerless and live without any magic.


Your Majesty


The Whole Trying Thing

Lucas has always let things happen to him. Even meeting Issam, the gorgeous young man who just happens to be wealthy and totally into him, just kind of happens. But Lucas’s long-term crush on his best-friend, Nick, keeps him from fully committing to Issam.

Believing he’ll never have a chance with Nick, Lucas tells himself everything is fine. Except Nick starts dating Issam’s sister, and Lucas can’t quite hide his jealousy.

When a personal crisis causes Nick and Lucas to seek solace with each other, everything finally falls apart, and it’s up to Nick to pick up the pieces.

This is a work of literary/genre fiction.



Greg is worried about his best friend Kyle. Kyle's life seems to be spiraling out of control. Greg doesn't mind picking up the pieces, but his normally smart, ambitious and good-looking friend seems more distracted than usual after his last break-up. And he's starting to get annoyed at Greg trying to lend him a hand.
What Greg doesn't realize is that Kyle is keeping something from him... and it could change both of their lives forever.


After The Storm

Beckett just wants to see Cole again. He knows that he’s lost his chance with his childhood best friend, but as long as the two of them remain close, he doesn’t care that he can never be with him.
Except that every time Beckett sees Cole—the ex-football star, the first man that he ever loved—he remembers why his feelings for him never went away, and when they have to share a hotel room, Beckett isn’t sure that he can keep it to himself any longer.
Then Cole throws him a curveball that changes everything and Beckett has to decide what matters most to him—his friendship with the boy he grew up or his love for the man he has become.


Lighting Up The Night

After high school, Ethan and Sal go off in different directions to pursue their dreams, both determined to never return to the town where they grew up.
Their bright futures never seem to materialize. Sal is forced back home because of the recession and Ethan has to return to look after his ailing father.
They may have been able to regain the friendship that they had when they were children, but there may be something more there. Something that neither one of them is willing to admit...