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Suki Fleet

Gorgeous story. Gus and Doug are adorable <3

VIva Gold

What a delightful story from an author I enjoy so much. She never disappoints with her adorable characters and humourous storylines. Gus and Doug were another cute and sexy couple to add to the many Lily Morton has created. I enjoyed reading their story so much.

AJ Sherwood

I don't think Lily Morton, even on her worst day, can write a bad story. This story looks just as cute as everything else I've read from her!

Sophia Soames

As the reigning Queen of British snark, Lily Morton consistently impresses with her humorous storytelling and irresistible messy men. She crafts addictive storylines of everlasting love, with unforgettable encounters with just the right amount of steam, set in places you will long to revisit in real life. Here Lily takes you on a School ski trip to remember, where Gus and Doug will melt your heart.

Morgan Brice

Lily Morton’s books make me happy—such good stories and memorable characters!

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