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Discover Sci-Fi is much more than just another discount book website, because it’s coming from us personally—a new breed of science fiction authors who want to forge a closer, direct link with our readers.

Why does this matter? Because we’re not just promoting books, we own the books, so we’re able to offer unique deals you won’t find anywhere else, sneak peaks and inside looks, and offer direct access to the inner thoughts of some of today’s bestselling science fiction writers. Not to mention amazing monthly contests for stuff you won’t find on any other site.

We’d like to extend a very personal thank you for joining from Matthew Mather, Nick Webb, Samuel Peralta, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Jasper T. Scott, Bobby Adair, Evan Currie, Daniel Arenson, Lindsay Buroker, Jay Allan, Joshua Dalzelle, and the whole team at DSF.

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Thorn Osgood

Lindsay Buroker's Fallen Empire Collection has caught my interest. I'm sure others will enjoy it too!

R. Malak

Read this book awhile back and it's still as good as ever with plenty of action and adventure to be had.

Don Viecelli

This is one of Jay Allan's best MSF Series you will ever read. I gave this Book 4 Stars on Goodreads and the story gets even better in Books 2 and 3. Check out my Review on Goodreads:

Justin Bell

I'm a big fan of Jay Allan's work and love his style. Lots of great action, he's a writer who is right in my wheelhouse.

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On Silver Wings by Evan Currie

When the Colony on Hayden's world went black, a team was sent to investigate.

It was supposed to be a training mission : skip in, find out the Casimir Transmitter had gone dead, report back and wait for resupply from the Fleet. By the time the only surviving member of the team made landfall, it was spectacularly clear that this wasn't a training mission.

Now Sgt Sorilla Aida has a job to do. She has to gather the local survivors, recon the enemy, train a militia, and take the war right to the enemy's doorstep.

Just what she trained for.

De Opresso Liber


Assimilated by Nick Webb

Over 400 pages of USA Today bestselling author Nick Webb's short stories and explosively intense military Sci-Fi novels!


Compendium by Matthew Mather

350 pages of million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's award-winning works, including his novella Enlightenment, an exclusive collection of short stories only available here, plus starts of bestsellers CyberStorm, Darknet, Nomad, and Atopia Chronicles. BONUS: for short time, this also includes the first chapters of his latest release Destiny, the fourth and final book in his bestselling Nomad series.


Extinction Lost by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The war continues...

Two days after the events of Extinction Aftermath, European Unified Command calls on Team Ghost for a top secret mission. The residents of a small Inuit fishing village in Greenland have gone missing and reports of Variants unaffected by Kryptonite have surfaced.

Fatigued, injured, and unaware of the events back in the United States, Master Sergeant Joe Fitzpatrick leads Team Ghost into the remote and alien winter landscape to determine the fate of the missing villagers. But as the operation unfolds they discover a harrowing revelation that could impact the world war against the Variants, and the future of the human race.


Gehenna Dawn by Jay Allan

Book One of the bestselling Portal Wars series...

Erastus. An unimaginable nightmare. A searing hot world, covered with cracked, burning deserts and sweltering jungles. A hostile planet far from Earth, it was the most hellish place men have ever tried to survive. Called Gehenna by the condemned men sent to fight there, it forged the few who survived its murderous battles into the strongest soldiers in history.

Jake Taylor was a New Hampshire farmboy who wanted nothing more than to marry his girlfriend, work on the farm, and maybe one day write a great novel. But mankind was fighting the alien Tegeri and their bio-mechanical cyborg soldiers, and UN Central needed men…men to go to war on hostile worlds like Erastus.


The Fallen Empire Collection by Lindsay Buroker

A fighter pilot on a mission to reunite with her daughter. A cyborg soldier on a quest to regain his humanity. Mortal enemies during the war, they must now work together to salvage a seventy-year-old freighter and navigate the gauntlet of pirates, scavengers, mercenaries, and other pitfalls that stand in their way after the fall of the largest empire mankind has ever known.

This set includes:

Book 1: Star Nomad

Book 2: Honor’s Flight

Book 3: Starseers

The previously unpublished prequel novella Last Command

The short story “Starfall Station"


The Future Chronicles Created by Samuel Peralta

The Future Chronicles is the Special Edition of the acclaimed #1 SFF anthology series, including fifteen stories, selected and new, from some of today's best writers in speculative fiction.

The Future Chronicles - Special Edition includes fifteen stories, selected and new, from some of today's best writers in speculative fiction.

It includes ten selected stories from some of the Chronicles' popular titles - Robot, Telepath, Alien, and A.I. - to give new readers a taste of the series; and includes five completely new stories, first published in this Special Edition.


Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson

Raphael “Riff” Starfire commands the Alien Hunters, a group of scruffy mercenaries. Galactic pest controllers, they mostly handle small critters–aliens that clog up your engine pipes, gnaw on your hull, or burrow through your silos. Riff and his crew have never faced anything like the skelkrins before.

Alien Hunters — a new space opera for fans of Star Wars, Firefly, and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Dark Space Universe by Jasper T. Scott

THE UNIVERSE IS DARKER THAN WE THOUGHT... Lucien Ortane is a Paragon in the Etherian Empire. His job is to explore the universe and spread Etherian doctrines of peace, justice, and immortality to sentient beings everywhere. Like all Paragons, and most citizens, Lucien believes that Etherus, the benevolent ruler of the Empire, is exactly who he claims to be: the one true God and creator of the universe.But not everyone is a believer.The Academy of Science circulates a petition to send a mission to the cosmic horizon and learn the true nature of the universe. Over a billion people sign it, and Etherus grants their request, but with a dire warning: evil is lurking in the dark.Undaunted by this warning, three hundred million scientists from the Academy prepare to leave the Empire on what will