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Timothy Warren

Holigay whisks us away from snowy Chicago to the lush, tropical setting of Fiji where lifelong friends Matt and Caspian discover their friendship may go a little deeper than they’d realized. Neuhold’s velvety prose reads like cinnamon candy, sweet and spiced with delicious heat. Don’t miss this delightful indulgence… escape with Holigay.

Marie Sinclair

Christmas in Fiji? Sign me up. This is a sweet, sexy story of best friends who end up sharing a luxurious tropical holiday that turns into a romantic getaway. A really fun, light-hearted read with some serious heat thrown in for good measure -- and not just from the location.

Victoria Sue

For fans of bisexual awakening, full of laughs, sexy times and sweet squishy romance. Everything you've come to expect from a KM Neuhold story.

Onley James

I read this in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Caspian and Matty were adorable and lovable from the jump and I was charmed from the first page. This is everything you expect from a KM Neuhold book. Sweet, low-angst, high heat deliciousness.

Mia Monroe

Best friends to lovers is my crack and this book delivers the fix I needed. It's filled with a unique holiday setting, a tempting hot tub, and two friends making the leap for more. It's everything I love in a K.M. Neuhold book.

Crystal Lacy

K.M. Neuhold writes amazingly sexy and lovable men who I can't help falling in love with and rooting for. Something about her stories is just so addictive, you can't just read one.

Morgan Brice

KM Neuhold is an author who delivers a good story with great characters you won’t want to say good-bye to at the end of the tale!

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A Firm Hand and A Gentle Touch: Beat of Their Own Drum Bonus Scene

A Beat of Their Own Drum bonus scene


Rock Bottom

Downward Spiral— a band with a handful of platinum records, and almost no hope of making it. Meet Lincoln, Benji, Lando, and Jude— the hottest rock stars of the decade, who’ve just about hit rock bottom. Don’t miss their full stories in the upcoming Replay series!

****This short story contains a depiction of self-harm ****


Palm Island Christmas Bonus

❤ Some Harold and George SWOON
❤ Secret Santa gift exchange
❤ All the island magic



Stone and Dare's Wedding Bonus

A special Stone and Dare wedding bonus scene!


New Year, New Holes

New Year, New, goals

Ryan and Anderson are finally on the right track with their relationship— communicating, exploring, having fun together again. And they figure there can’t be a better way to ring in the new year than with a trip to the kink club. Playing with a vibrating plug, exploring a little more of their kinky sides, and a glory hole. Oh my!


Chasing Rainbows

I thought there was a right way to live—settle down at a respectable job and work yourself into an early grave. That’s what most everyone else does, right? That is until I met Maverick at a Heart2Heart dating event. I couldn’t believe I won a week in Scotland with the charming, fun loving man. And now I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same.

****This short story was originally published as part of the Heart2Heart Volume 2 anthology****


Bonus Scene: Nerdlet Tops

Bonus Scene for Rocket Science: Nerdlet Tops


By the Numbers bonus scene

By the Numbers bonus scene: classroom BJ!


Watch Us

A bonus scene from Watch Me. Ryan and Anderson's first time at Collared


Brave Boy bonus scene

Bonus Scene for Brave Boy


Bishop and The Bartender- Bonus Scene

Bishop and The Bartender- bonus scene for Rocket Science


Watch Me

Someone’s watching us.

If I had known whispering those words to my boyfriend, Anderson, would end our dry spell, I would have said them months ago. In an instant he’s on his knees, yanking my shorts down, excitement shining in his eyes at the thought of someone watching. If he wants to try a little exhibitionism, I’m certainly game.



Hot Ink: A Heathens Ink Prequel

Meet the men of Heathens Ink. Madden, Adam, Royal, and Gage: Inked skin, damaged psyche’s, and a whole lot of dirty.
**Please note that this content is intended for readers 18+



Goats Like Cake Too: Four Bears Construction Series Epilogue

This is a short series epilogue for the Four Bears Construction Series


Happy Birthday, Honey- a Cole and Ren bonus scene

This bonus scene goes with Caulky (Four Bears Construction, 1)



Screwed bonus: Tequila Wedding

Are you as curious as Daniel is about what happened on that drunken night in Vegas? Wonder no more ;)


Baby Goats! Nailed Bonus Scene

A bonus scene from Nailed